In Burger We Trust: Where To Eat The Best Ones In São Paulo

Hamburger is almost a common sense: it is hard to find someone who honestly does not enjoy a good “combo”! It is versatile, suitable to any hour of the day and if it is well done, it will be delicious!

To celebrate not only this special Hamburguer Day, on May 28th, but a whole week (because why not?), we made this list with 7 places where you can find a great burguer. One for each day of the week!

  1. 1. Cabana Burguer

    One of my favorites, Cabana already has six addresses in Sao Paulo and a good price, when comparing to other burger houses in the city. My tip is to get one of the basic and add extras! Another good thing is to try they different beverages: both teas and their pink lemonade are really good!

    Best combo: House fries + Sunrise + Cabana ice tea

  2. 2. All In . Burguer

    Winner of the Hambuger Guide Site in 2018, All in . burger has a different method to cook its sandwiches: they are made on a charcoal grill which adds a special flavour. The burger as well as the side dishes are all crafted inside the house.

    Best Combo: Brisket + Slim burger + Caipiroska all in

  3. 3. Bullguer

    This burger restaurant from 2014 became famous quite fast. While launching the first “smashburger” in Brazil, the house also introduced a new fast food method that combines the best of a fast food with the best of a hamburger house.

    Best combo: Stencil + Crinckles + Berrie Lemonade (extra: sundae)

  4. 4. Joakins

    This traditional restaurant in Sao Paulo works in the same address since 1965, in Itaim Bibi. Their variety of sandwiches will probably make you take a while to decide which one to pick, but be calm: almost all of them will be worth it! Just make sure you remember that starters are big so just order if you are feeling hungry.

    Best combo: Cheese salada + Fries + Kin’s mayo

  5. 5. Madero

    From Brazil’s south, this new burger chain and his chef and owner, Junior Durski, has one simply goal: to create the best cheese burger in the world. I am still not able to confirm if they made it, but truth is they have a very good sandwich with a bread different than any others I have tasted. The different side dishes are also something to try.

    Best combo: Roasted palm heart + Madero + Doce de Leite Petit Gateau

  6. 6. Tag Burger

    A recent and not-so-famous burger house, Tag Burguer is participating on the Burguer League, from Cuponeria app, in which you can try special combos for only R$ 30 reais! The place is calm and it is really nice to chill with friends while having a nice meal.

    Best Combo: The League Burger exclusive Dash Burger (also in Veggie option) + cheese fries

  7. 7. Mano Sanduíches

    Mano is actually a sandwiches house but it is so good that I could not resist to mention it. The burger is cheap comparing to the others in the list and it is handmade! The other sandwiches are also a good try if you are in the mood but, personally, all the stars go to the rice fried balls as a side dish that won my heart.

    Best combo: Hambuguer (add whatever you like!) + Rice fried balls