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You’ve seen them around: on the beach, on Instagram, on that cool guy’s head at university. Buckets hats are IN right now! They sure make a statement so you must be wondering, “how do I even style them without it giving a vibe that I’m trying ~too hard~?”. Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a bucket hat first-timer or hat fanatic, check out these styling tips and get ready to turn heads with your new bucket hat looks!

Black and white

B&W is always in. I mean, ALWAYS in. So if you’re unsure about what kind of hat to purchase, a black or white one is a good first step. Style it with other black and white clothes and accessories and you’re in the right path for success! And if you’re ready to commit to yet another trend, pair it up with a fanny pack worn across your chest and you’ll become an effortless style icon.


Another way to easily style bucket hats if you’re still a bit unsure about them is choosing a monochrome look. The good thing about picking only one colour for a whole outfit is that attention is evenly split between all the items you choose to wear. That way you won’t feel like the hat is dragging too much attention to your face and it’ll be easier to navigate the day without having the weird feeling everyone is staring at you. Be it all blue, all black, all any colour you may pick, this styling trick is chic per se.

Crochet hat

If you think the only way to go when it comes to bucket hats is the urban style well, you’re wrong. They have now transcended the streets and can suit literally any style. A crochet piece is the perfect way to go if you’re looking for a softer vibe. Pair it up with flowy dresses, pastel colours, small nature prints and organic fabrics. You can even have a super exclusive piece by crocheting your own hat with easy patterns found all over the internet.

Tie dye

Tie-dye is super in right now! This bright and very personalized trend became extremely popular during quarantine and it pairs up perfectly with bucket hats. You could even dye your own hat at home and make it a double trend! Match the duo with comfy sneakers and some denim or gym shorts for the ultimate urban look.

Golden accents

Golden, fabulous, chic! Nothing screams “sophisticated” more than a good piece of jewelry. Channel your inner Hollywood star and pair your hat with chunky necklaces, sparkly earrings and rings for a new take on this casual piece. To make your look evoke an even classier vibe make the main colour of your outfit white, beige, navy or black.

Statement outfit

Now if you’re looking to make an impact, a bucket hat may be all you need to top your outfit off. Bright colours and patterns can be tricky to navigate and match but if you stick to three major colours and variations of their shades chances are you’ll look amazing! Just remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion and colours, but if you need some alternative sources of inspiration, do some research on nature and colorful animals, nature always does it right!


The article above was edited by Carolina Grassmann.

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