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To Boost Your Career: Find Courses To Improve Your CV

Improving your CV is always important! Especially, nowadays, when the communication field (actually, any field) seems to innovate and change everyday. From SEO tools to social media branding, it is impossible to be aware of everything that is going on. So here is a list with institutions that somehow can help keeping up to the field you chose and never stop learning.

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1. Centro Cultural B_arco

B_arco is a cultural center that offers all kinds of activities and learning opportunities. Their communication courses are focused on audiovisual with classes such as TV Series Scripts, Television Hosting and Art direction. They also offer classes in areas such as “Body and mind”, “Literature” and “Thinking”, that can enhance as a whole your career in the communication field, which has to always be very up-to-date with everything happening around the world.

You’ll not only fall in love with the variety of classes offered, but also with their infrastructure and location. Being a cultural center, B_arco has a lot of paintings and art pieces all over their large wall and high ceilings that feels like you’re about to step into a theater’s main stage. They also promote a lot of lectures, exhibitions and other types of cultural encounters every month. Follow their agenda so you don’t miss a thing.

2. São Paulo Digital School

This communication and marketing school offers everything you need to succeed in the digital world.  Whether you feel like focusing on metrics, social medias or advertising, they’ve got you covered. Every knowledge you need to be able to deal digitally with brands can be learned at São Paulo Digital School. Either if you are starting to plan or managing an already existing brand, their courses will guide you through every step of the way.

If you’re unsure about which area you want to work at or what career path to pursue, SPDS also offers personal coaching. With ten encounters lasting one hour each, a professional can guide you through your career possibilities so you feel safer about your future and personal choices. And, of course, so you can be ready to choose your next communication extra course.

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3. Faculdade Cásper Líbero

One of the most traditional and renowned communication colleges in Brazil offers classes related to its four graduation courses: Journalism; Public Relations; Advertising and Radio, Television and Internet. Another two areas are covered by Cásper’s selection: social medias and career.

If you’re into sports, make sure to check out the next scheduled courses, since there is always some sport focused communication courses available at the Institution. The college is also very up-to-date with society’s changes and has special fake news classes for journalists that want to learn how to detect them.

4. Belas Artes 

This university offers interesting courses that focus on different aspects of creative and communication fields such as events, photography, journalism and design. Belas Artes also offers classes about softwares like InDesign and Photoshop, and there’s even a course about how to succeed in job interviews!

Having those as a part of your CV will not only make it look so much better in the eyes of future employers, but the knowledge you’ll acquire will help you get that next job or internship you’ve been having your eyes on.

The classes take place in São Paulo and also in their new Sorocaba location. And there’s a very good deal if you like saving money and enjoy taking classes at Belas Artes: by completing five courses, the next enrollment is completely free.

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5. Lemonade School

Lemonade School is not just like any other marketing school, it is the coolest marketing school around. You will feel right at home with their chill and young vibe. There are a lot of delicious foods, games and music to relax during the breaks and even a swing hanging from the ceiling!

What’s nice about their marketing courses is how segmented and specific they can be, but there are also more generic ones that cover the main aspects of certain marketing and social media areas. In some courses, a different teacher leads each class, which is nice, not only to see different points of view, but also to enhance your networking. After you’ve completed your course, you can come back at any other time of the year for the same one to refresh your brain about what you’ve learned without having to pay for the whole course again. And you can even bring a friend with no extra charges.

6. Senac

Senac has 61 different locations spread all around the state of São Paulo and almost 80 different courses in the communication field. A nice thing about them is that they are very complete and usually have longer durations than the average – if you’re interested in a more in-depth content. And if you’re looking for a different way to enhance your CV and skills, there are now new language courses you can enroll in.

In Senac, everyone has a chance to learn. Scholarships are offered for all courses for those who have low income, and there are online classes if you can’t go to their campuses.

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