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“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

The movie begins with the preparations for a great performance (for some, the climax of Queen’s career.) It’s Live Aid, which happened in July 1985. A mustache, hands, that peculiar way of walking: Rami Malek already shows us in the first few minutes his ability to incorporate, literally owning Freddie Mercury, even in his posture when standing up. Because we’re sure that he is there on the screen, and that certainty goes far beyond physical resemblance.

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The story is about a kid who worked at airports and is passionate about music. A caricature character, extremely artistic from the beginning, who doesn’t care about being the black sheep of the family and is not afraid to show his potential. He enters a band after the former vocalist gave up, and soon in the first presentation already surprises everyone with his voice and his unique style. His future success of world proportions was already visible to anyone that could hear. And then there are albums, iconic melodies and all the glamour and problems that are typical of fame.

Image Source: IMDb

Bohemian Rhapsody received five Academy Award nominations and competes in the categories of Best Movie, Best Actor (Rami Malek), Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Editing. However, it isn’t the only reason you should see it. For a fan of the band, that leg up even makes sense, for the true news about the script having several flaws, such as the chronology of the band, stories told and even invented about the backstage and members. In addition, the sexuality of Freddie Mercury, which was rather important to make him a symbol, was very poorly approached.

Despite this, the movie is worth as a sensory experience – the songs that bring us that affective memory playing all the time, accompanied by an interesting and well executed storyline. The images are beautiful and all the actors generally did very well. It’s a fictional story about the journey of a real hero, with all his faults and qualities that make him human and also a god. Who wasn’t a fan yet, will become, for sure.

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