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Big Brother Brasil 21 Fashion Week: 7 Fashion Trends That Are Blowing Up Among The “Sisters”

Whether in fashion, beauty or even behaviors, the biggest Brazilian TV show is a great thermometer of what will hit our society over the coming months. Get to know some of the fashion trends that are making success among the participants!

If there’s one thing that Big Brother Brazil knows how to do – besides generating polemics – is creating trends! Always with very stylish and confident participants, the most engaging Brazilian TV show is a great preview of what promises to hit fashion over the coming months.

And this year it won’t be different! The new season has barely started and we have already identified some looks that will surely fill clothing stores and set tongues wagging in the short run! Therefore, Her Campus Casper Libero selected some garments that are a huge success among the “sisters” for you to get inspired, use and abuse – without moderation!


This one will probably be marked in the show’s history as the biggest trend of the season! If last year, the mode was to transform headscarves into mooring croppeds, in this new season, the cast of 2021 is obsessed with using them on hair.

Bandanas have had their peak in fashion at various times (especially at the 40’s and again at the 90’s) and clearly we’re passing through a huge comeback. The best thing is that this outfit is synonymous with “versatility”! It can be used in the forehead as a headband, with a bow at the top of a ponytail or even folded into a triangle covering the whole head in a super cute and sexy pin-up vibe. Summing up: just dive right in, there is no mistake!

Slip Dress

Practicality, comfort and sensuality: this is the perfect combination that slip dress fashion has added to our lives! The darling of Camilla de Lucas (@camilladelucas) was an icon in the passage from the 90s to the 2000s – who doesn’t remember Jenna Rink’s looks in “13 Going On 30”? – and is finally being included in Brazilian’s street mode.

This outfit brings lingerie inspirations to outwear fashion. Similar to a sweater, it is a dress with thin straps, made of light fabrics – preferably satin or silk – and that usually have delicate details in lace or tulle. And the best thing: it is a super versatile choice! You can use it alone or combined with boots, buskins, denim jackets, overcoats and even blazers or cardigans. With a single piece like this, you can choose to be delicate, glamorous, sensual or all of that together. Perfect or not?


And what about the glam of a jewelry adorning your head? This trend became popular in BBB21 with Lumena (@lumena.aleluia) and its hippie-chic style. This is an aesthetic that we inherit from the past of our country, as a result of mixing indigenous, African and barroque-European cultures.

Nowadays, the charm of this style is to dare! Wearing necklaces, bracelets and fake piercings in non-traditional ways can be the icing on the cake of many daily looks. So, don’t be afraid of venturing!

Beads Accessories

Another fashion from the 90s that is living a worldwide comeback are the beads accessories! The perfect piece of summer, these colorful necklaces and bracelets have made up the look of many celebrities, like Dua Lipa, Manu Gavassi and Harry Styles, and are also blowing up the house of BBB.

Thaís (@thaisfbraz) and Viih Tube (@viihtube) are in love with these beauties, which are perfect for enjoying the confinement pool and use in day-to-day activities without giving up the style! Be it made with round pebbles or with funny beads shaped like animals, flowers, little hearts, emojis and letters, these pieces prove that it is possible to combine a cool and urban-chic visual with playful and even childlike details.

Big Tiaras

In addition to being this season’s makeup queen, with her famous white eyeliner and her red lipstick, Juliette (@juliette.freire) has also been trending with her shiny and big upholstered tiaras. This accessory caught the attention of the participants, who are already using it on loan, and also of the viewers, who are going to look for similar ones in the market.

You can find this outfit in a more extravagant version or in neutral – but also incredible – colors. There are also some made of pearls which are super cute! With the promise to be the big fashion love of the next fall, these headbands add charm and finesse to the looks and also brings an air of princess-mermaid that is, at least, magical!

Strass Earrings

If you watch BBB parties, you already noticed that this one is a unanimous choice among the sisters! This cascade earring is extremely shiny and can be a beautiful composition for evening looks. But that doesn’t mean that this accessory, which is also a legacy from the 90s, can only be used at night and events!

Since the last edition of the program, we have followed this growing passion of the participants for brilliant earrings and there are many possible combinations! You can use it with a more sober and “serious” look or even compose it with stylish sweatshirts and tye-dye clothes. It’s the versatility we were looking for!

Maxi-blazers + Shorts

And the BBB 21 official spy also has a very particular style that proved to have a super potential to become a huge trend. Sarah (@sarah_andrade) loves to bet on more neutral compositions with tailoring pieces, and the results are always some iconic looks!

The sister’s trademark is the maxi-blazer, always combined with shorts and very long boots. Besides being extremely sophisticated, it brings a vibe of strength and empowerment in a very “boss style” that we love!

Well, the program is still far from over and there’s a lot of time available for the participants to create and spread new ways of doing fashion. So while we wait for the new trends, which one of these garments we listed here do you intend to take with you for life? Just get inspired and rock!


The article above was edited by Isabella Gomes.

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