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Beyond The Single: 6 Amazing Artists From TikTok Trends To Add On Your Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

You don’t need to be a heavy user of Tik Tok to notice that the musical trends are taking over the app. The platform already has a huge influence on the musical industry, and can either lead old hits to the charts again, or make new singers turn into a viral success.

Among some cool, funny or even romantic trends that recently filled everyone’s For You page in the country, many incredible artists became well-known due to songs that became the soundtrack for thousands of Tik Tok videos. But, as a matter of fact, many of them have lots of other great productions beyond the ones who trend on social media, and can surely become a full-time partner of your playlists.

If you wanna go further than the Tik Tok singles and meet new beats, check out these 6 artists that you probably have already heard about in some viral video, and can surprise you with their other songs.

1- Realestk

“WFM” and “SWM” may sound like random abbreviations, but they are both great songs from the singer, songwriter and producer Realestk. He is only 17 years old, but began sharing his music on TikTok in 2021 and created viral audio clips – “WFM” is one of them. There is a trend where people post videos and photos from years ago, and then make a transition for nowadays, when they feel pretty and confident about themselves. Besides this one, “SWM”, “Confessions” and “Tuesday” keeps the vibe from “WFM”, and you can keep eyes – and ears – on them to know more about the great work of Realestk.

2- CKay

Chukwuka Ekweani is popularly known by his artistic name, CKay, but you can also recognize him by the song “love nwantiti”. The Nigerian singer-songwriter released it in 2019, but this year it went viral on TikTok as a dance trend. I must confess I’ve never risked myself with the choreography, but the song is pretty cool. Also, CKay can make you dance with “ski ski”, “dtf”, “Felony” and some other compositions from his most recent album “CKay The First”.

3- Måneskin 

This Italian hard rock band became a huge success inside and out the app, and it all began with trends. A cover made by the band of the song “Beggin’” became the soundtrack of thousands of videos, from makeup to dances. Now, even months after it became viral, the band still makes success with Beggin’, but productions like “ I Wanna Be Your Slave”, “Zitti e Buoni” and “Vent’anni” are worthy to be listened to as well. “Let’s Get Started”, a Black Eyed Peas song, is also great in Måneskin’s version.

4- Ruth B

Yes, I’m pretty sure that you have already felt “in a field of dandelions” with this one – such a romantic scenario. I don’t know what Ruth B put in this song, but it is incredibly addicting and was the soundtrack of the cutest videos ever on its Tik Tok trend. Besides “Dandelions”, Ruth B has other great songs that can warm up your heart, like “Lost Boy” – which was a huge success in Musical.ly times -, “Safe Haven”, that brings a more danceable rhythm, and “Superficial Love”. She keeps with a romantic and intimate vibe, and adding some of her productions in your playlist will certainly warm up your heart.

5- Clarissa

Clarissa Müller is a brazilian actress and singer who recently became viral with her song “nada contra (ciúme)”, a composition about jealousy after regretting turning someone down, and seeing the person with someone else. You may know her from the movie Ana e Vitória, as Ana’s girlfriend Cecília. Clarissa participated in some songs for the movie with the duo, but, until 2021, she didn’t have any authorial releases. Now, you can listen to “nada contra” all over Tik Tok, but the artist can surprise you with “Ela” and “Xodó”, from her EP “Clarissa”, and singles like “nosso canto”. 

6- Glass Animals 

“Heat Waves” is an awesome song to use in many kinds of videos: photo edits, fancams, TV series best moments and anything that you want. But if you haven’t heard singles like “The Other Side Of Paradise”, “Gooey” and “Helium”, you are missing a great setlist from the band Glass Animals! They are a british indie rock band led by the vocalist Dave Bayley, and have two albums that are an international success. If you decide to go beyond the trend and meet their work, you won’t regret it.

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