Beyond Portugal: 3 Countries To Visit If You Wanna Speak Portuguese

Traveling means much more than just meeting a new place. It has this philosophical feeling of discovering yourself in the world, and it can also be a source of learning other cultures and languages. However, we also have this need to necessarily travel somewhere you need to learn another language to feel not like a waste of time and enjoy that trip.

In consequence, if you travel somewhere without any reminiscing of home, you can miss a few things: family, friends and understanding fully what people say! It can be very anxieting to not get a joke or feel like a complete outsider. Well, we have the solution. Today we are going to show you beautiful countries to travel if don’t wanna hear anything but our beautiful and complex mother language: portuguese.

1. Angola

Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons

Subject of the amazing book Mayombe by Pepetela, Angola has a painful history. From centuries of colonization to decades of a deadly civil war, the country is not a tourist experience, but a life one. The contrast between the misery and the rich culture is beyond explainable. The capital, Luanda, is the center of poverty, but besides that, is full of history and pretty views, which are new for the country.

The construction of Avenida Marginal enhances the potential of the city, also the Museu da História Militar, which is in the ex-Fortaleza de São Miguel, has an interesting view of the city.

A great route is Luanda to Cabo Ledo, where you can see the Miradouro da Lua, breathtaking colorful cliffs. Cabo Leda has resorts foot on the sand style, where the ocean is very seeked by surfists. A must see at Angola is the Embondeiro/Baobá tree, a symbol of the country.

2. Cabo Verde

Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons

Cabo Verde is an island country located in an archipelago, composed of ten volcanic islands. That being said, Cabo Verde has one of the most amazing landscapes on earth. And, for that reason, it has increased the number of tourists, getting at 715 thousand of visitors in 2017. Another great advantage is the cheap plane tickets that helped grow the number of tourist packages.

The real magic happens when you see the pictures of the paradisiacal beaches throughout the islands, and each one has something different to offer. For example, Boa Vista Island is the distant one of the archipelago, which means is quieter, but also offers adventures like windsurf and kite surf.

The most famous is the São Vicente Island, which not only has beautiful beaches: it offers a great service for people who looks for fun with great coffee houses, restaurants and pubs.

3. Mozambique

Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons

With a mix of Angola’s war scars and rich historical culture and Cabo Verde’s magnificent beaches, Mozambique has a vast flora and fauna, with abism between the wild savannas, the crystal clear sea and beautiful mountains.

The period appropriate to visit the country is between April and September, where when the sun shines high and the ocean is warm.

Located at Inhambane Province, the Tofo Beach is a perfect destination for skydiving, where you can see dolphins, sharks, whales and various types of fishes. Also, at Bazaruto Island you can find white sand dunes, empty beaches and lakes with flamingos and even crocodiles.  

Lastly, the Mozambique Island, at northwest of the country, is a UNESCO Patrimony, where you can find historical features and arabic and portuguese influences.