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The Beginning Of A New Era: All The Hidden Messages in Taylor Swift’s Video for ME!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

It’s not a surprise that Taylor Swift is always coming up with different concepts in her songs, music videos and albums. She’s always bringing us tips to uncover her games and references to other songs, clips and moments of her life. For the fans, it is always exciting to discover all the hidden messages in her productions, but sometimes it can be really hard to find out all the clues that she left us.

With her new project, ME!, featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, it is not different. The music video was released on April 26 and is full of hidden references that we are going to reveal now!

Posts On Instagram

First of all, the singer was already preparing us for ME! in her Instagram, as she posted a lot of information through pictures to let the swifties freaking out about her new project. Her cats, flowers, butterflies, video colors and much more. The pictures were hints of things that appear on the clip.


ME! starts with a snake crawling on the floor until it transforms itself into colorful butterflies, which is related to a transformation of a new era for Taylor. Butterflies are insects that represents metamorphosizes and changes. Clearly, a bridge between Reputation era to this new one.

Look What You Made Me Do

There’s this moment when Swift uses the same stairs, in the same scenario of Look What You Made Me Do video, saying the lyrics “I know that I went psycho on the phone” probably making reference to when she says “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now” on the other video. In this same scene, she runs away from snakes made out of fog and goes into the light, symbolizing the end of the Reputation era.

Her New Cat

It was a secret but Taylor introduced us to her new cat, that was adopted by the artist in real life. She refuses the flowers, the wedding request, but accepts the new cat that Brendon offers to her. Meredith and Olivia [Taylor’s cats] also appears in the beginning of the music video.

Musicals References

Taylor recently revealed us that she is going to be in the classic musical “Cats”. Due to this fact, the artist put big references to great classic musicals in the history, like Mary Poppins, Moulin Rouge, Hairspray, The Magic Of Oz and Singing in The Rain.

Is The Country Back?

In the ME! music video we can see two moments that raised speculations about Taylor bringing her country roots up to this new album. The country music group Dixie Chicks shows up in a framework, raising the possibility of a featuring between them. Swift also dances with Brendon Urie with country boots in a moment, increasing even more a rumor about having a country inspiration in the album.

Under the Dome

We can realize that the sky is similar to a dome, which can indicate a metaphor that she is founded inside a cocoon, before she changes and becomes a butterfly that stand out a lot of times in the video.

A New Song

The word “lover” can be noted in a flash and the fans started a theory that it’s not just a simply word. “Lover” could be a clue that she left us. Maybe it is the name of a new music in the album.


The fans also believe that they found out the name of the seventh album of the singer. That’s because she said that the name is hidden in the ME! music video. Some fans joined all the information and got a curious name: “Kaleidoscope”. Kaleidoscope means a set of butterflies.

The most intriguing theory is that this new album was produced before Reputation, what explains the fact that Rep is so different from everything that Taylor has already done. She decided to launch before to “clean her image” and came back with everything! Well, it’s just a theory like the others, but it also makes sense. While Taylor doesn’t post more informations about it, let’s enjoy, hear and watch ME!.

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