Back to University: 7 Tips for Being More Organized

Restarting the semester is never easy. We need to let the vacations go and start a routine of hard work and studies. Every beginning is the same: we promise ourselves to be more organized and disciplined during the new semester. In the end, nothing goes the way we expected to be and we get stressed out in the finals. If you get organized and stop procrastinating from the beginning, you won't miss the deadlines and will have enough time to get things done - and will also have spare time to watch Netflix. Ready? Check our tips below!

Watch out for test grades and missed classes

Check your grades and, most importantly, the number of missed classes weekly. If necessary, create a note on your phone to have a better visualization of the missed classes from each subject. We know sometimes going to uni is very tiring, especially when there are many papers to finish.

Create calendar alerts on your phone

Having an agenda is the key, but we all have been through the same situation: buying the cutest agenda and regretting it when you stop writing things down. Then, the rest of the pages are blank and you can't get track of all the things that should be done by that week. The solution is on your hands: set calendar alerts on your phone. Mark the tests’ days and all the most important deadlines with an alarm for a week earlier. This way you won't need to do everything one day before the handing date.

Write down all of your tasks

Have an agenda or even a simple notebook to write down the homework for each subject. On each day of the week, write the subject and the text you must read for the next class. Also mark the tests and papers on the corresponding dates.

Make To-Do lists

Everyday, make to-do lists in your notebook, post-it notes or even in on your smartphone app. List what you need to read for the classes, important tasks from work and even your workout routine. This habit will help you get ready for your day and stop procrastinating.

Separate your material

If possible, organize the papers, books and other materials you will use during the month. Search for the books on the uni’s library and, if you can't find some, go shopping on second-hand bookshops or online, where you can get the books for less. Save the extra texts on different folders on your laptop or tablet and, if necessary, print them weeks before the classes.

Read before the class

If you have the material separated in the beginning of the semester, it will be easier to keep track of the texts you should read for each class. Prepare yourself for that specific subject and read before the class. You will notice that you will learn faster and won't need to study desperately before the exam.

The less, the better

Carry the essentials with you and don't stuff your backpack. Always take your pencil case and your agenda for uni, adding a folder for the extra material and a notebook or a laptop for taking notes. At the end of each month, organize your papers in different folders at home.

Photos: Pexels