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Autumn and Winter Guide: 8 Tips To Be Stylish On Cold Days

Unfortunately, the end of the sunny season brings cloudy and gloomy days, and all you want to do is to stay at home eating junk food and binge watching rom coms. But you don’t have to use the weather as an excuse to not go out, because this year street fashion trends are going to make you rock the cold days! In this guide you will find that the season doesn’t call for only dark colors and heavy coats but a lot of comfort, personality and innovation; check it out: 


Tights are a comfortable and warm alternative to be able to wear skirts and dresses in this weather. They come in different colors, thickness and details. Of all options, the most popular style is the sheer black one that can go with a night or a day look.

High Waisted Pants

Whether you choose to wear stripes, jeans or just plain color ones, the high waisted pants will be the star of your look and are one of the biggest trends for this years street wear. All you have to do to look like paparazzi material is to pair them up with a simple shirt, some sunnys and a laid back hairstyle.


If you are that type of girl that hates wearing scarfs but also hates getting the cold wind hitting your neck as soon as you step your feet outside, then a turtleneck is the right choice of fashion. This item is a 70’s come back, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift adding this basic, but useful piece to their wardrobe.

Printed Coats

Another trend that is cozy and good looking is coats with different prints. Pairing up a minimalist top with plain pants will make the coat the star piece. A coat has a big variety of options to shop like a plaid one, a leopard print or maybe even a floral one with bright colors.

Pointed Toes Shoes

Using pointed boots or flats will make you look well dressed and comfortable. Also, they are an alternative for the everyday sneakers you wear. A black pair is definitely a must have because it will go with any of the tips this guide has given, completing your head to toe winter/autumn style.


Scarfs have always been a cold weather must have. Lately, a new fashion of bulky scarfs has arrived in the streets of New York. It doesn’t matter what color or print they are as long as they are big, warm and also tie in with the outfit you are wearing.

Leather and Sweaters

An all time classic chic is the combination of a sweater and a leather piece. Everyone has in their closet a favorite sweater and a black leather jacket, pants or skirt, if you put those articles of clothing together you will have a timeless and comfortable ensemble that you can repeat how many times you want.

Matching Palette

Gloomy days don’t necessarily call for dark clothes only. In this last tip we urge you to explore different colors in a way that you match them in all the pieces you wear. You could be comfy and lively if you match yellow jeans with a yellow sweater. Maybe if you wear the color of the sun, the sky will open up…

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