Ask a Collegiate | Republican vs Democratic: Understand The USA Elections

There is a competition inside the parties to elect the next candidate to the presidency of the United States of America. The Democratic party has a long process, where each state has its own methods of voting to choose the representatives of the party at the National Convention in the beginning of july, where finally, the official candidate for presidency will be appointed.

The winner will go against the current president, Donald Trump, already proclaimed candidate of reelection by the Republicans, which shows between 44% and 46% of intentions of vote on the researches. 

How's The Process To Choose A Candidate? 

On February 3th, the american calendar started with the “caucus” in the State of Iowa. Ok, but what is that? A Caucus is like a big community reunion, where people meet at gymnasiums, libraries and schools to listen to the representatives of a party. The people that listen have to be registered with the party in question. 

After they have already heard what the possible candidates have to say, the people move themselves, physically, near the person they have most identified with. The representative that has more folks near, will receive the votes of the delegates that represent the State. 

But that is not the only format to check the popularity of the representatives. There is also what is called a “primary election”, way more simple, where people just get to a place and vote for the ones they want to become the candidate of USA presidential election.

There will be happening several caucus and primaries during the following months, until the beginning of july, when the delegates of each state will be reunited in one big convention and finally vote for the official Democratic candidate. 

Did You Know The Possible Democratic Candidates?

  • Joe Biden: Barack Obama vice president, he also was senator of the Delaware for more then three decades. He talks about the rebuild of middle class, investments in federal infrastructure and public colleges without payment. He shares the feeling of comfort, is known person and doesn’t show that much innovation for the party. Is important to say that Biden won the primaries on february 29th in South Carolina, which is a state known for been undecided. 
  • Elizabeth Warren: known for questioning the financial sector after the 2008 crisis, the senator of Massachusetts was also a Law professor before joining the political career. Her main debate topics include the right of health and abortion, the taxes over the rich and criminalization.
  • Bernie Sanders: the senator of Vermont has already competed for the position of Democratic candidate in 2016, since then, he became a really famous person. His plans goes around universal healthcare and increase of minimum salary.  

  • Tulsi Gabbard: she is a Deputy of Hawaii and the first hindu on American Congress. Tulsi is descendant of Polynesia. Her main plans are the end of the external interventionist politics and climate changes.  

Who's The Favorite Democratic Candidate? 

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According to RealClearPolitics, on January 28th, the ex vice president, Joe Biden, was leading with 28% intentions of national vote. After, comes the senator Bernie Sanders, with 24%% and in third the senator Elizabeth Warren with 15%. 

However, is important to say that the scenario of the election became much more clear after the called “Super Tuesday”, on March 3th, where the primaries happened in 14 states, including the most populated ones, like California and Texas. 

As a result of that, we can say that Biden was the biggest winner, since he won in 10 states and Sanders only in 4. The electorate of Biden are the black people community and the old democratic moderate, as for Sanders his main target are the Latins and young adults. 

After what's considered defeat, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bloomberg have given up the race and are supporting Joe Biden. Despite her bad performance, Elizabeth Warren hasn't given up yet, but if she does, she will probably choose Sanders side, after all, their main target are the progressive people. 


The article above was edited by Laura Ferrazzano. 

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