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Ask a Collegiate | Democratic & Republican Conventions: What’s the Future of the US?

The USA electors shall decide on November 3th if Donald Trump will continue in the Withe House for more than 4 years, or if Joe Biden will assume the presidency. The recent parties conventions set the tone of their campaigns and their political approach, however, for the first time, the presence and support of stakeholders was purely virtual.

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How was the Democratic Convention?

The Democratic Convention ended on 20th of august and officialized the candidate Joe Biden for presidency. The event decided to focus on diversity, since the party chose Kamala Harris, the first black and Asian-American woman to occupy the position of vice-president.

The convention exposed the politics Biden will assume a different approach that has been taken now by Trump, for example: immigration, climate change and safety by weapons. Also, the event brought to light the sad history of the candidate, who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and soon after lost his son in a battle against cancer. Let’s not forget that Biden was the vice of Barack Obama, and tried to achieve the presidency two times before, in 1988 and 2008.

The Covid-19 was also a current topic, considering the sanitary crisis the US is facing since the beginning of the pandemic. Biden promised that, if he is elected, he will apply effective strategies to fight the disease from his very first day in the White House.

How was the Republican Convention?

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Now, the Republican Convention set a different tone for the event, most of the speakers so far declared that the US is facing an imminent danger of  “socialist radicalism” in case of the victory of Joe Bien. In the end, Donald Trump officialized his position as candidate and Mike Pence as vice.

When criticized about his performance in fighting COVID1-19, Trump dedicated a whole block in the first night to the subject. He elaborated an advertisement that highlighted him as an exemplary leader, who acted quickly and better than WHO (World Health Organization) and presidents of other countries.

Besides Trump, there were several traditional politicians that appeared, like Nikki Haley, a former South Carolina governor who was named US ambassador to the UN by the president, but remained only one year in office and Senator Tim Scott, also from South Carolina. Among the non-politicians, but still important influencers, there was the couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey, lawyers that became famous for pointing shot guns at peaceful protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement in the end of July.

What is the future of the USA?

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Joe Biden has been leading against Donal Trump in the national surveys of this year. However, that doesn't indicate much. It is a good way to test the popularity of a candidate, but every state pretty much votes the same, there are only a small number of states that are called “battleground”, decisive areas where the competitors need to focus their attention.

Let’s remember the Hillary Clinton case. In 2016 she led all those polls and won almost three million more votes than Donald Trump, and yet she lost the election. That's because the United States uses an electoral college system in which winning the largest number of votes is no guarantee of victory in the election.

According to the data from the Real Clear Politics, right now, the researches show that Biden has a privilege in three key states -  Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Trump won in 2016.

Regarding the pandemic, Trump’s supporters have begun to question his response, republican support dropped to about 78% in early July in states of south and west of the country that had to deal with new outbreaks of the virus.

However, Michael Moore, documentarist that was one of the few who predicted Trump's win in 2016, thinks it’s possible a reelection. Moore believes that the republican supporters are much more dedicated then the democratic.


The article above was edited by Laura Ferrazzano

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