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Alternative Gifts For Those Who Wanna Escape The Traditional Easter Egg

Easter is a Christian feast in which people celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The celebration always falls on a Sunday, after a Lent. Despite the religious origin, Easter has gained a much more popular connotation over the years. For the youngest, the day has become synonymous of chocolate eggs, and the market is increasingly taking advantage of it.    

Over the years, the Easter eggs have had their value increased. The packaging with children’s characters and gifts inside makes the kid’s head, who always ask for an egg to their parents. But the adults also can’t resist and end up buying a chocolate egg, entering the celebration.    

However, if you are tired of spending your money with Easter eggs, Her Campus have prepared a list of alternative and really cool gifts. It is a way of entering into the spirit of Easter, giving it to a dear person and not spending all your money.


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Books are always one of the best gifts options. Any time of the year is perfect for gifting with knowledge, including at Easter. So instead of buying something to eat, invest your money in a really cool book.


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Cushion is always very useful, so it is a great option to gift. One can be placed in the living room, the bedroom or in an armchair, just have imagination. Choose a cool pad that fits the personality of the person. If you prefer to keep the spirit of Easter, look for a chocolate-themed cushion.

Cups and Mugs

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Who does not like cups and mugs? There are a variety of shapes, models and sizes, made to please everyone. This kind of gift has no error as it’s almost always loved. If in doubt of a gift, it is worth investing in a cup or a mug.


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Plush may not be as useful and versatile as the other items, but there’s no way you do not like this cute gift. The plushies are available in a lot of models, ranging from animals to famous children’s characters. Buy one that fits the tastes of the person. If you like to keep the spirit of Easter, choose a rabbit. At this time of year, it is easy to find Easter rabbits in most shops.


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Running away from the material options, it would be interesting to take the person to a restaurant. Food is always a well accepted option and caters for any type of taste. It can be for dinner or lunch, it is up to you to choose the place and the time.


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Traveling is always a great choice. Choose a cool place and enjoy the holiday to stay with the person you like. This gift can be a little more expensive than an Easter egg, but it will be much more profitable.

Chocolate e Cookies

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If you think that Easter is only about Easter with chocolate, you can give the person that candy, but it does not necessarily have to be an egg. You can set up a basket with several chocolates, truffles, bars and it will be a delight. There is also the option of handcrafted cookies. At this time of year, several people sell homemade cookies and they put them in beautiful packaging.

Now you have many gift alternatives for the person you like. Which one will you choose?

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