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All We Know About The New Season Of “Stranger Things”

Stranger Things” is one of the most successful Netflix shows, created by The Duffer Brothers. Thanks to its popularity, the fourth season was confirmed in 2019, but a few pieces of information about the series are still being revealed. The fans have been waiting for it for more than a year now; because of the pandemic, the launch was delayed. While we wait for the next season’s debut, check out everything we know about it!


The production and the filming of season 4 started before the first lockdown, so when the covid crisis hit, some of it was already done. The good news is that filming began again in October 2020, and has continued, confirmed by some leaks and pictures from sets posted by the official Instagram.


Due to covid-19, unfortunately, there is yet no oficial date for its launch, not even which year it will be. All the information we know comes from statements of the actors. David Harbour (Hopper) said in an Instagram Q&A in 2020 that the episodes were supposed to come out in 2021. But, after that, in April 2021, Finn Wolfhard (Mike), said on a Fanmio call that hopefully it will come out next year. What has been a long wait for the fans will continue as so…

The story

Season 3 ended with a gap when talking about Hopper’s story, but, earlier last year, we found out in a teaser that he is well and alive, but imprisoned in Russia. So there’s the confirmation of his returning to season 4, and according to David Harbour, who plays the character, we can expect some to get to know his backstory. At the Liverpool Comic Con, the actor said there’s going to be a big reveal of Hopper’s past.

We don’t know for sure if Eleven, Will or Hopper are actually coming back to Hawkins at any time, yet we can assume that they will appear in the show. There are no photos or scenes in the teasers confirming this, but we do know that one of the new characters is going to be friends with Jonathan, so it is only imaginable that they are going to appear. Besides that, Eleven is mentioned in the teaser, and it shows scenes of Martin Brenner (Papa) calling her. These look like flashbacks, or maybe a time travel which is an interesting theory, because in pictures and trailers from this season there are watches, which could mean that time will play an important part this season.


Different from the last seasons, there are rumors saying that the fourth season will have 9 episodes instead of 8. According to TVLine, this extra episode should be dedicated to the origin story of one of the current characters, probably Hopper. Furthermore, in the Stranger Things’ IMDb page, we can see a list of these 9 episodes and the name of the first one: “The Hellfire Club”. The official Instagram has posted a photo of the logo of this club and a picture of Dustin wearing its t-shirt, with the subtitle: “Heard the Hellfire Club is now looking for new members.”


At the end of season 3, we saw very sadly Hopper supposedly dying. However, in a teaser released last year, the fans were relieved to see that he is alive and in what looks like Russia. Besides that, on leaks from the set, we can see Robin and Nancy out together, which brings something new to the story. And in the matter of new characters, the official social media of the series revealed a lot of new additions to the cast with some interesting descriptions.

Here they are: Jamie Bower, known for his participation in the “Twilight” saga as Caius, who will play a man who works at the psychiatric hospital; Sherman Augustus will be playing a man who believes he can save Hawkins; Eduardo Franco will be Jonathan’s new best friend, a pizza delivery boy; Mason Dye will play a popular athlete at school; Tom Wlaschiha will be a Russian guard; Robert Englund was cast as a prisoner at the psychiatric hospital; Nokola Djuricko will be a Russian smuggler and Joseph Quinn will play the head of Hopkins high. With that all said, we can expect a lot of action in this psychiatric hospital, and maybe in Russia, with Hopper.

Something that has really excited the fans was the recent addition of Amybeth McNulty to the cast. She is known for her role as Anne, in the Netflix series “Anne with na E”. In Stranger Things, she will be playing Vickie and will be a love interest of one of the characters. The question is: which one? Some fans on social media are saying that she is going to be Robin’s love interest, which makes sense, because Lucas already has Max, Mike theorectly still loves Eleven and Dustin has his girlfriend. That leaves us with Will, but he didn’t look like he was looking for a girlfriend last season, and he has moved out of Hawkins.

In the vídeo posted to announce her participation, Amybeth appears in the set, which means that she is already filming, and says: “I’m really excited to go to Hawkins”, leaving us to think that her character will be there, so in reasoning, if she is really Will’s love interest, he is going to come back to the town. On the same post, three more actors were announced: Myles Truitt will play a basketball player who has got his life out of control after shocking events; Regina Ting Chen is going to be a guidance counselor who cares deeply for her students and Grace Van Dien will play the most popular girl at school, with a dark secret. All we know about these characters are these small descriptions, and we can only imagine how they will blend in the story.

From the teasers and trailers, it seems like the next season will bring a very interesting plot. And, since we’re talking about “Stranger Things”, the expectations are already high. As of what we know so far, it will be worth the wait!


The article above was edited by Amanda Moraes.

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