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All The Buzz And A Review About “Girl From Rio”, Anitta’s New Single

Anitta spends the price of a movie on the production of her new music video, but it seems that the advertisement was more successful than the single that ended up not reaching the charts.

It is not the first time that Anitta seeks to achieve space in the North American music market. It was with this goal that, in the last week, she released the first single “Girl from Rio”, which is also the name of her new album - expected to be released in the coming months.

In an attempt to take Brazilian culture to the rest of the world, Anitta mixed a bit of pop, funk and hip hop with the melody of the famous song "Garota de Ipanema", a classic of Bossa Nova. The lyrics bring her roots and a different Rio, demystifying the stereotypes and the “glamour” found in the work of Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes.

The video clip, directed by Giovanni Bianco, had the budget of a film, according to the singer. In the production, there are several elements of the Carioca culture, such as barbecue, going to the beach in a crowded bus, eating corn, and flirting. They also draw a parallel Rio between the 50s, 60s and the present day.

Another highlight that the singer made sure to bring is the image of real bodies, especially those of women: “I want to show more plurality. Rio de Janeiro is not limited by its natural beauty and the standards of women and men” said Anitta in an interview for “The Today Show".

However, what generated the BOOM and expectation was the intense advertising and marketing created. Before the song was released, Anitta filled her Instagram page with black and white photos of several women, and also posted a cover where she poses on top of a plastic blue chair in front of a typical bus in Rio de Janeiro, with the destination to “Piscinão de Ramos”.

The image soon exploded, and a legion of fans and artists soon posted photoshopped pictures with the same background: Ana Maria Braga (host of a Brazilian cooking show), Elba Ramalho (singer), Juliette (the winner of Big Brother Brazil), Angélica, Ferrugem, Gretchen (queen of memes), and others.

Unfortunately, this success did not reflect in the performance of the melody itself, which in Brazil received a lot of criticism for being made in English, since the song talks about Brazil. In addition, many critics have said that sounds like just another North American song, without anything new.

It was clear that the singer's goal was to focus abroad, but did it work?

Even intensifying the advertising in the United States, where she had a launch party, the track lost the boom after his debut. In just 2 days, the song was losing position on the Spotify charts and in less than a week was already out of all the platform's rankings, including the global top 100 and Brazil top 50.

The idea was to show Rio de Janeiro again in her compositions, but unlike the hit “Vai Malandra“, she ended up, for many, only reinforcing images already present in the imagination of foreigners.

But it was not only criticism, we did have a group that appreciated the new composition - even though it was a bit of a cliché - understanding Anitta’s strategy and the willingness to give the next step in her career.

The music is now available on all digital platforms and you can also check the video clip, which is a work of art, on YouTube.


The article above was edited by Isabella Gomes.

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