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Add A Little Green To Your Life: What About Having Your Particular Garden?

Adding plants at different rooms in your house and gardening are just perfect if you are looking for a way to decorate your house or looking for a new hobby. They have the power to transform a space by decorating, energizing, purifying the air, and even leaving an amazing fresh smell to make your days better.

Even though some people may find it hard to care for them, there are a lot of little things you can do to start and have your own garden at your house. Here are some tips to add a little green to your life.


Decorating different places at your house with plants is a perfect idea. They have the power to bright up every room. But be careful! Before getting any plants, study a little bit. You need to know beforehand what that specific plant needs, such as light, watering and what kind of pot. So make sure you do your research first, and then buy your new friends.

Know that you have your plants, make sure to place them next to each other, in different levels of height and in vases that match. You can even buy cheap ones and diy it as you like.

Food Garden

If you like to cook, this is an amazing idea! Having your own food garden means you can grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and fruits at your house. Again, you need to be careful, take good care of them and know what they need to grow healthy and happy. In this case, it is better to have your little garden in an open area.

It is so nice and special to take care of plants and see them grow. Talking about a food garden, it means that you are literally going to cook with something that you planted and saw growing. This feeling is priceless.

Go For Plants!

I know they are cute and beautiful, but it is super important to take good care of them so they can grow big, healthy and happy. They need enough space, light and water to live.

When getting new plants for your house, make sure to put every plant in a safe and good room for each, once different plants need different caring. Some like to live in a humid environment, so the bathroom is a good idea for these. Some need direct lighting. Some need water every day, while others can go a week without it. All you need to do is study your plants.

It is also good to remind that they are alive, they can feel everything, especially the vibe of the environment, that is why some people like to talk to them and have a good relationship with their plants.

They are also a great present. It is an amazing idea to gift your friends and family with plants and flowers that remind you of their personality, especially now during the pandemic.  

Gardening is a hobby that you can easily fall in love with, and now that we are staying inside more, we have more time to take care of our little green friends, that are beautiful and important in our lives.

The article above was edited by Laura Enchioglo

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