8 Sandy & Junior Songs That’ll Bring You Back to Your Childhood

If you grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, it’s very likely that, being a devoted fan or not, the soundtrack of your childhood was filled with Sandy & Junior songs.

Sales recordists in Brazil (altogether, there are more than 20 million CDs and DVDs copies sold, besides half a million digital singles), the duo formed by the siblings Sandy Leah and Junior Lima was responsible for releasing a bunch of unforgettable hit songs between 1989 and 2007, when they decided to split up, leaving their fans heartbroken.

But, for the joy of all the grown up kids that waited anxiously for the last 12 years, a reunion is finally happening! Celebrating the 30 years since their first presentation in the program “Som Brasil” in 1989, the new tour, named “Nossa História”, will happen in 10 Brazilian capitals between July and September 2019.

To set the mood and feel a little bit nostalgic, check the list of the duo’s iconic songs that marked an era of entertainment for all Brazilian children:

1. Maria Chiquinha

Source: Maria Chiquinha

From the album Aniversário do Tatu (1991)

This is the song the duo performed in their first live presentation in 1989, which went in their debut album in 1991. The lyrics may not be very much suited for today’s audience (they talk about cutting a woman’s head off because she allegedly cheated on her husband!), but everyone laughed and fell for the cute little kids in the late 80’s.

2. Dig-Dig-Joy

Source: Dig-Dig-Joy

From the album Dig-Dig-Joy (1996)

The entire album (but especially the hit song that named it) marked the transition of the duo to teen idols, now singing pop music. The iconic dance that followed the catchy chorus of Dig-Dig-Joy is still an all time favorite.

3. Eu Acho que Pirei

Source: Eu acho que pirei

From the album Sonho Azul (1997)

This hit song was chosen to be the title of the tour that promoted the CD Sonho Azul, but you’ll probably remember hearing it as the opening theme of the series Sandy & Junior, that aired between 1999 and 2002 in Rede Globo.

4. As Quatro Estações

Source: As Quatro Estações

From the album As Quatro Estações (1999)

As Quatro Estações was Sandy’s debut as a songwriter, and it soon became the first hit from the duo’s most successful album.

5. Vamo Pula!

Source: Vamo Pula!

From the album As quatro estações (1999)

I’m pretty sure you jumped and danced a lot to this song when you were a kid! Another hit from the album As Quatro Estações, this song is also remembered for having Junior as its lead singer.

6. A lenda

Source: A Lenda

From the album As quatro estações - O Show (2000)

The song is one of the three original songs recorded in studio that went in the live album, and it became one of the duo’s biggests hits, being one of the most played tracks in brazilian radios in 2000.

7. Quando você passa

Source: Quando você passa

From the album Sandy & Junior (2001)

This song is actually the Brazilian version of an Italian song called Turu Turu, and it was the biggest hit of the album. Today, this is the duo’s most played song in the streaming platform Spotify.

8. Desperdiçou

From the album Identidade (2003)

Coming from a more mature era of Sandy & Junior, the hit song Desperdiçou was all over Brazilian radios in 2003, and it also has one of the coolest videoclips of the duo.