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#8 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Deciding Your College Major

Deciding the profession that you will follow is the last step of a process that demands a lot of attention and involvement. Choosing the course that you are going to major in is a very big responsibility, especially when you have to do this when you are only 17 or 18 years old. But do not push yourself, this text will reveal the essential questions that will help you in your vocational choice.

To find out which profession suits you best, you will need to immerse yourself in a process of self-knowledge, because your vocation is closely linked to your identity. This is the moment when the questions come in, so nothing better than answering some questions to clear up your own doubts and clarify all possibilities!

Check out the step by step for deciding your professional choice and answer, in the most truthful way possible, to all questions:

Know who you are: what do I love and what do I hate to do in my daily life?

Before thinking specifically about your course and profession, we need to concentrate on the big picture. Reflect on your values, your personality and list your interests. How about finding out what you like to do most and what you really cannot stand? It does not have to be just about your favorite subjects or fields of study.

In this first moment, the idea is to think about all the possibilities. A lot of different ideais will pop in your head, but do not be afraid! The only thing you have to do is put everything on paper to analyze it later.

Why exactly do I hate and love these things?

Based on everything you highlighted in the previous question, the second thing you should do is set up a ranking on what you like to do and what you like least, placing it in order of preference. This way, it will be clearer to see what are your priorities and the things you do not like.

Also, try to justify your preferences. This part is a little more difficult, because everything seems very obvious, but make an effort to describe your opinion. With these answers, you can have a better understanding of what your profile is.

What are the subjects I like most and the least about high school?

Forget about careers a little and focus exclusively on yourself. What do you like to study the most? For example, if you like Portuguese, literature and writing, this may mean a certain inclination towards areas that involve language, such as Journalism or Law. Normally, those with an aptitude for Physics and Maths tend to choose degrees like any of the Engineering courses or even courses in Maths and Physics. As similar as they are, these graduations have some specificities. 

Finding out what you do not like studying is also very important in this process. After all, you will spend 4 or 5 years in a row seeing the subjects of a field of study. 

Which subjects I find easy and which ones I have the most difficulty?

It is worth noting that we do not always find it easier to do what we love to study. Skills are developed throughout the course and throughout life. Do you want to study music and are not very good with instruments or singing? Do you want to design, but you have no way with drawing? Do you want to be a journalist and have difficulty writing? Try to evaluate yourself to find these answers and consider whether it is worth the effort to study something you love but struggle a little before giving up the course you always dreamed of taking.

So, answer this question very sincerely. Each one you answer, you will get closer to understanding your student profile and finding a profession that will make you happy.

Which professions can I relate to my list?

This is the moment when you will imagine what professions you can follow. Research a lot about each of the professions and areas listed. Visit university websites and try to talk to professionals in the areas you prefer. Also select the careers that you are sure that are not your style and cut them off your list of possibilities.

How is the curriculum of the careers that caught my attention?

Pick up your list again and let's start searching for information about each career. Visit the website of the educational institution you are considering and search the curriculum of the courses you like best. See which subjects will be covered and how they are divided into periods. This analysis will help you to get a better sense of the facilities and difficulties you will have to deal with.

Which profession suits me the most?

Based on everything you have already answered, choose from your preferred list a maximum of 5 professions that seem to match your personality and ambitions. With this information, think very calmly for a week or more. Reflect on all aspects of each career and remember that each degree allows you to pursue more than one profession. For example, when studying Journalism, you can work both with the press office, as well as in the production of news and reports for various vehicles. So, think about the daily routine of the professions that you could follow, imagine yourself within that routine. Have in mind both the study part and the job market.

Will pursuing this profession make me happy and motivate me to wake up early every day?

According to your reflection, choose only one career and answer if this is the career you want to pursue. Try to imagine if it will make you happy and see if it is a good choice for you.

BONUS: try to do a vocational test

Some colleges offer vocational guidance free of charge. You can also look for psychology clinics specialized in this type of guidance. Vocational tests can give good clues about your interests, more suitable areas and possible careers. But remember: the test itself is not a magic formula that decides the profession for you, but an additional element, a tool to help you make a decision.


The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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