7 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Lollapalooza 2019

A music festival is known to be a huge event, with countless attractions that delight various types of tastes and musical styles. During the days 5, 6 and 7 of April, the Interlagos racetrack in the city of São Paulo will receive another edition of the famous Lollapalooza.

Like any other festival, it holds thousands of people from day to night, that is, large queues, agglomerations and large spaces. To enjoy the festival in the best possible way, without stress and frustrations, here are some tips and recommendations for you.

1. Comfort is important

The festival days usually last 12 hours, and during that time you will walk and jump a lot. The stages are distant from each other, so that constant walk is guaranteed. Wearing light, comfortable, not so warm and muffled clothes and sneakers (please) will surely provide you an one less worry. Nobody wants to stay with bubble, foot pain in full Lolla. And one more thing: don't forget to take a sweater, because the night at the festival is chilly.

2. Be organized

Image Source: Lollapalooza Brasil

I would say it’s one of or the most important tip of all for Lollapalooza. There are several shows, in different stages, at times that coincide. It's good, before the festival, to get those shows you need to see, write the schedules and stages (yes, you'll have to make choices). I always make a little table with the shows, schedules and places, so in time I do not get lost. It makes a difference.

3. The queues for food and drink are giants, and they can get in your way

It's obvious the lines will be big, since there will be a lot of people in one place. If you don’t want to miss any concert, try to bring food from home, home water (not alcoholic) and streamline this process that would only delay and stress you. But attention, it is not any kind of food and drink that enters the festival.

4. Stay tuned for what you can and what you can't take in Lolla

Image Source: Lollapalooza Brasil

Watch out so you don’t miss things and get upset at the beginning of the festival. Get to know Lolla’s list of things that are allowed to take and those that are not allowed to enter with.

  • What you can take: Bracelet Lolla Cashless by next (unique and exclusive festival entrance), personal documents, sunglasses, cereal bar, raincoat, sunscreen, lip balm, portable camera, sliced fruit, industrialized sealed food, hat or cap, canga, backpack or pouch.
  • What you can't take: Bottles, cans, beverages, storage utensils, rigid packaging with lid, helmets, chairs or benches, firearms and white weapons, sharp objects, sharps and/or perforating, chains and belts, fireworks, glass objects, photographic cameras or professional camcorders or with detachable lenses, posters made with thick cardboard and/or fixed to Woods, rigid straits, animals (except guide dogs identified and accompanied by visually impaired persons), baton for taking photo, umbrella, flammable, corrosive and or toxic substances, magazines, newspapers and books.

5. Protect yourself from the sun

Lolla is a mix of climates and thermal sensations, it makes cold and heat. But after standing in various shows without sunscreen and cap, be sure you will burn, and if the burn is strong and on the first day of the festival, your experience will be compromised. So, as a precaution, use and abuse of sunscreen and caps/hats.

6. Plan beforehand how you will arrive and go away from Lolla

It can be Uber, Subway, Car, Taxi, Bus, Train, each requires a certain prior programming. Be the part of the opening hours of the subway and the route that will take to the racetrack, because depending on this, you will have to leave home early and leave Lolla early. After the end of the last show, leaving the festival becomes chaotic and stressful, it's a lot of people leaving at the same time. If you depend on the subway to get home, get out first, as it closes around midnight and the shows usually end around these times.

7. Don't leave your house without your documents

Student's ID and your RG (general record) cannot be forgotten. If you bought half of the entry, and are without the student card, you will be charged the amount on time.

These tips will save you from certain events that take some of the sparkle of Lollapalooza, and will guarantee you a unique and unforgettable experience.