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7 times Carrie Bradshaw made us jealous of her outfits

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If you’re a huge Sex and the City fan (or have simply watched the show) you have definitely noticed Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) authentic and remarkable sense of style. From the beginning to the end of the show she has proved her wardrobe is like no other, and that continued to happen in And Just Like That, HBO’s revival of the series. 

In order to cherish and remember one of the most adored characters of all time, here’s seven Carrie Bradshaw looks you must check out.

The Tutu

Known as her first outfit, it consists of a pink tank top and a white tutu. Since she wears it in the opening credits, it’s easily her most famous one. It was designed by Patricia Field, who later revealed the iconic skirt was bought for only five dollars.

The Wedding Dress

Even though the wedding may be considered one of the most traumatic events of Carrie’s life, the Vivienne Westwood dress she wore was no mistake. She only wore it twice: in the first Sex and the City movie and in And Just Like That.

The Cowboy Hat

During an unfortunate encounter with Big’s new twenty-something girlfriend at the time, Carrie was wearing a leopard print top, a striped skirt, a cowboy hat and her famous “Carrie” necklace. 

The Newspaper Dress

An homage to her career, the beautiful newspaper dress perfectly represents Carrie’s passion: her column “Sex and the City”. First worn by Angie Schmidt in his Christian Dior runway show, it fit Bradshaw just right.

The White Suit

Wearing a white Ralph Lauren vest and a pantsuit, Carrie was able to be preppy and extra at the same time. All the pieces are Ralph Lauren, except for the shoes – which are, as always, Manolo Blahniks. The giant box as a purse ties it all together.

The Summer Dress

This beautiful floral dress is from Richard Tyler’s Resort 2001 collection. Its future in the show was a surprise dip in a pond with Mr. Big, an incident that made it even more iconic. It looked just as good after it.

The Fur Coat

Having worn this fur coat several times during the show, Carrie made history with it. It’s undeniably one of her most special pieces of clothing considering how much she went through while wearing it. The pink boots and Dior shopping bag are the cherry on top.


The article above was edited by Duda Kabzas.

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