#7 Self-Love Rituals for Those Who are Fabulous and Single at Valentine's

Couples in love celebrate when Valentine's Day arrives, but they are not the only ones who can experience good things on this special date. The lack of a partner cannot be synonymous of sadness, so if you are single on Valentine's Day, know that you can also celebrate with high spirits and even lots of love! Don't get carried away by the common sense that singles are sad on this date if you know how to enjoy it, i'm sure you'll be the happiest bachelor!

  1. 1. Start your day with a morning stretching routine and breathing exercises

    Tracing a routine of stretching and morning breaths is the best option to wake up those muscles that spent approximately eight hours relaxing.  You will increase the level of oxygenation in the brain, the flexibility and mobility of your body while preventing possible injuries.  But before doing this practice, give yourself time to wake up completely and, of course, consult your doctor if you have any discomfort or muscle injury.

  2. 2. Start a gratitude journal

    A gratitude journal is a great way to retain a genuine sense of thanks and a positive outlook on life. Once a day, write down ten things - big or small - for which you are grateful. The task will become more and more challenging, but your sense of appreciation and your awareness will be expanding to the same extent.  Practice will also make you seek in every detail of the day to day another reason to thank.

  3. 3. Watch a movie and have fun with it

    Set up your private cinema session and have fun remembering the best moments of your favorite movies! Choose inspiring movies that encourage you to resolve your inner conflicts and improve your mood or, if you prefer, enjoy the romance atmosphere of that day to watch a fun romantic comedy.

  4. 4. Eat something you like and satisfy yourself

    Have you heard that “Eating is one of the pleasures of life”?  A lot of people agree, but eating goes beyond pleasure, it is also a necessity, since food is the fuel for our body.  When we eat our brain releases chemicals of pleasure, and for that reason we feel good.  If it’s something we like, our pleasure and satisfaction increase!

  5. 5. Listen your favorite song

    A research from the United States found that listening to music, in addition to helping to alleviate sadness and discouragement, has several benefits for mental and physical health. That's because music is able to bring us good memories, liven up the environment, awaken desires and much more. If it's your favorite song, even better! 

  6. 6. Buy a gift to yourself

    Gifting someone is a good opportunity to think about the relationships you cultivate, who is close to you and who does you well.  So, it's extremely fair that you buy yourself a gift and cultivate self-love to remember how special you are.

  7. 7. Start a new leisure activity 

    Want to learn a new language? Have a vegetable garden? Improve car knowledge? Learn to paint, embroider or sew? Enjoy this moment of your own, invest in yourself and get to work!


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.  

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