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7 New Wave Feminist Books You Have To Read Right Now!

In honor of women’s history month and international women’s day, here is a list of books written by New Wave feminist, check it out!

We are currently living in the 4th feminist wave time-period, a phase that began around 2012 and is characterized by a focus on the empowerment of women and the use of internet tools. Because of that, new books have come out to enlighten and expand the minds of people about what it means to be a woman in this day and age. With women’s history month and international women’s day just around the corner, here is a list of the new wave feminist books you should add to your “to read” list.

“Men explain things to me” by Rebecca Solnit

At this point, everyone has heard about the term mansplaining. In this book, Solnit puts mansplaining and other toxic masculinity traits in the spotlight, deconstructing it to find the root of the male idea of superiority over women, while advising on how to beat the patriarchy.

“Bad Feminist” by Roxane Gay

If you ever feel guilty about taking very “unfeminist” actions this book is for you. Gay is unapologetic in this feminist masterpiece, shining light on the “feminist remorse”, and how to deal with it without feeling guilty about not being the perfect “textbook feminist”.

She also shares many personal stories about her life as a black plus size female though all ages, which is a very interesting perspective of the “woman-being”.

“Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham

This tell-all book is the perfect illustration of the white overweight female experience. With details that go from her first sexual experience to excerpts of her very private food diary. Dunham is a white fat straight girl with psychological complexes and traumas only patriarchy could have caused with its oppression and ideals of beauty.

“How to Be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran encapsulates the fun and experienced British aunt we all wish we had growing up in this quirky and relatable masterpiece that covers the depths of the female psyche to explore the everyday thought and struggles that should no longer be a part of the 21st-century women mind.

“Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur

With passionate and deeply artistic poems that explore the women’s body, strength, and desire, Kaur has proved once and for all that to be a woman is to be a living poem. In this book, the Indian-Canadian writer exposes deeply rooted societal problems such as rape and oppression while highlighting the essence of being a woman.

“The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One” by Amanda Lovelace

In this book of poems, Lovelace shares empathy in a lovely sisterhood manner while reclaiming women’s rights in civilization as beings with feelings, opinions and everything else society always seems to try and take away from us.

“Girl in a Band” by Kim Gordon

As the only girl in the band, Gordon shares her perspective, struggles and what she’s learned. From constantly having to prove herself to her relationship with the band members, Kim is not one to shy away from adversity, and certainly has a lot to teach.

Edited by Carolina Grassmann

Victoria Oliveira

Casper Libero '23

Victoria Oliveira is a feminist interested in all forms of artistic expression.
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