6 Tips To Slay Your Back To School And College Outfits

Vacations are officially over! But don’t worry, now you can use your best outfits to study. Right away, we only have to start organizing ours looks to use pants, boots and hot pieces in the street style. You can combine several items for the day to day, leaving your office spirit cooler and adhere to the classroom.

Inspire yourself with these looks and tips below:

1. Dresses + Sweaters

Image Source: Pinterest 

Tip: Dresses with sweaters over the top are still a trend. Pantyhose for the chilly days is an amazing way to look both incredible and stay warm.

2. Skirts + Scarves

Image Source: Pinterest 

Tip: You can wear a skirt to get the street style look, and also match it with a scarf!

3. Band Shirts + Fancy Pants

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Tip: The shirt of your favorite band can be used both in math class and at work – if combined with a more social pants.

4. Overalls + Coats


Image Source: Pinterest

Tip: You can also wear overalls with a very stylish coat!

5. Overcoats + Mid Skirts

Image Source: Pinterest

Tip: This mid skirt can be worn both in your day and at the office. Choose an overcoat to make your look a trend.

6. Pantacourt + Leather Jackets

Image Source: Pinterest 

Tip: Leather jacket, pantacourt and a cool blouse can make all the difference in the college hallway. The high heels are completely optional, it looks fashion with sneakers as well.