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Even though we know that films and series are not always faithful to the true plot, nobody can deny that we would pay anything to see some of our favorite characters and stories outside the fields of our imagination. It’s in this spirit that we separated 6 books that need to go to the screens as soon as possible!

“Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie

“Death On The Nile”, by Agatha Christie, surrounds the story of a young millionaire who thought she had the world in her hands, until the day she employs Simon, her friend’s fiance.

They fall in love, get married and spend their honeymoon on a cruise to the Nile River. What they didn’t expect, though, was that Simon’s ex-wife — and her ex-friend — would be there too.

Although, the problem is not only between this inconvenience, and the detective Hercule Poirot quickly begins to realize that someone will not reach the final destination.

The book is not based on just one mystery, and the mysterious death of the heiress will arrest you until the last page of this book. 

A plot full of drama and investigation, resembling a Mexican novel, where more than half of the ship can be blamed. The film is already recorded and we can wait to see it in 2022.

“The Darkest Star” by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Evie lives with her mother and has a usual life — apart from the part in which she survived an alien invasion on Earth. Nowadays, these aliens live on Earth and are called Luxen. The government controls its powers for no further damage. But are they all controlled?

It is at the Foretoken nightclub, famous for allowing false identities and being frequented by aliens, that Evie meets Luc, who she believed to be a Luxen; but he is, in fact, something that she doesn’t even imagine that exists.

The desire to find out more about the boy will make her dive deep into a story far more complex than someone’s identity, everything she believes and thinks knows will be put on proof, secrets revealed, betrayals, and an attraction from another life.

“The Darkest Star”, released in 2020, is the first book in the “Original” trilogy, a spin-off of the dear LUX Saga.

“A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas

When we talk about fairies, the first memory that comes to the majority’s mind is something close to Tinkerbell, but after reading this bestseller, I’m sure you will never make that analogy again!

Feyre is a young woman who lives in a precarious situation with her family in a world that is divided between humans and fairies. But her life will change quickly like an arrow.

In one of her hunts, she ends up killing a fae who was disguised as a wolf, and this is where the story starts to get interesting: when Tamlin — a ​​friend of the dead fae — comes after the girl, her only option (other than dying) is to cross with him to the court of fairies. The reason? That is her question!

Here we will have a protagonist who does not need any prince to be saved. She may not know how to read or write, but she knows how to hunt! Like a good New Adult novel, romance is in the air, mixed with a metallic scent of magic.

The only thing we know so far is that the film adaptation is already confirmed by the author, Sarah J. Maas!

“Earth X” by Marvel Comics

Going to the line of superheroes, “Earth X” is part of a comic book trilogy created by Alex Ross, written by Jim Krueger with the art of John Paul Leon, published in 1999, for Marvel Comics.

This comic book brings an alternative and dystopian future to which humans develop superpowers and no one knows for sure the explanation. In the reason that the story takes place in an alternative future, more precisely 30 years later, it does not change the Marvel universe that we know from film productions. However, it presents the heroes in a way never seen before, aging, with defects and perhaps even possible obsolescence — unimaginable perspectives until then.

The story really begins when the character Vision goes blind and brings X51 to the moon, to help him keep an eye on the Earth. It’s the robot with human characteristics that leads the comics, and, from this moment they will explain how everything emerged in what we know.

The mix between present, past, and future is undoubtedly the highlight of the graphic novel and what makes many still expect to see this production outside of comics’ pages!

“A Darker Shade Of Magic” by V. E. Schwab 

In the first book of “Shades of Magic” trilogy, the plot takes place in 4 parallel universes that share the magic and are divided by colors: the red London, which is considered the best and most advanced; the white, marked by cruelty; the gray, a portrait of a very precarious reality; and the black one, that is banned and isolated.

Just a few magicians can cross from one universe to another, and one of them is Kell, a messenger who represents red London and a smuggler in his free time, carrying artifacts from side to side.

On one of his last trips, he ends up finding an artifact from the black court that can and will change the course of history. On the way back, the messenger ends up bumping into Lila, a thief from the gray court, who wants to find out more about magic to try to change her life.

Together, the two will set out on an adventure to try to stop the evil coming from the black court, which is more powerful than earth, water, fire, and air.

“Love & Gelato” by Jenna Evans

Have you ever wanted to visit Italy? Because this story does just that to you!

In “Love & Gelato”, Carolina leaves for Florence, Tuscany, 6 months after her mother passed away, looking for answers about who her father may be. Her mother made her promise to look for him after her death as now he is, perhaps, Lina’s only family. The girl leaves for a fresh start, now showered with gelato, love, and living in a cemetery!

In one of her daily strolls, she runs into “Ren” Lorenzo, who is the one who introduces her to the entire city and ends up becoming a big friend. Carolina will meet a lot of people, but Ren and Thomas will make her heart beat faster. Will a love triangle be born there?

Another important character is her mother’s diary, which may bring answers from who Lina’s father is.

The novel has a perfect plot for that heart-warming film.


The article above was edited by Isabella Gemignani.

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