6 Creative Ideas For A First Date In São Paulo

1. Praça Pôr do Sol

Placed in the famous neighborhood Pinheiros, Praça Por do Sol is frequented by couples, friends and families. It’s a nice way of getting a perfect view of the sunset while you sit on the grass. And, if you are lucky, maybe someone will appear with a guitar and start singing (this is common there!).

Image Source: Encontra Pinheiros

2. Terraço Itália

Few things are more romantic than having dinner on Terraço Itália. One of the most famous places in São Paulo for the perfect view and delicious food, Terraço Itália is located in República and attracts people everyday. If you are trying to impress your date this is the best shot, but prepare your wallet because dinner on Terraço Itália usually is very expensive.

Image Source: Dupla Gourmet

3. VR Gamer

Now if you are the adventurous type, maybe you’ll like this idea. VR Gamer is a gamers house placed in Vila Mariana and Shopping Granja Viana where you can hang out with friends and (the best part) you can play videogames. There are rooms where you can join the experience of playing on a Virtual Reality (VR) game. Is an awesome idea if you and your date are gamers or just want to have some fun!

Image Source: Yahoo!

4. Cinepolis 4D

What about the good old cinema? But not that way you are thinking. Cinema is a cliché of first dates but what about a little upgrade? That’s the idea of Cinepolis 4D! A big room with moving chairs and wind/water machines that make you feel like you are inside of the movie. Don't miss this experience!

Image Source: Cinépolis

5. Ibirapuera, Villa Lobos, Horto Florestal or Pico do Jaraguá

Okay, parks are a big cliché too, but everyone loves it. If you are thinking of a relaxing date where you can sit under a tree and talk about everything, this is your chance. Also, you can do a lot of things in a park: ride a bike, do some exercises, dance, walk your dog. Parks are always a good choice.

Image Source: Prefeitura de São Paulo

6. IFly

Don't know what is IFly? Don't worry, that is news for everyone. Ifly is a new way of "feeling in the air". A skydiving simulator indoor where you can feel like flying but inside a tunnel. For people who like adrenaline, but not too much of it. Maybe if your date is the adventurous kind, this is a nice idea.

Image Source: IFly