6 Brazilian Shows For You To Watch In This Quarantine!

Ok, tell me the truth... How many Brazilian shows have you ever watched? Soap Operas doesn’t count! 

We are so used to consume international content that we’ve forgotten about the Brazilian ones.  So, enough of Friends and How I Met Your Mother for today! Let me present you some Brazilian TV shows for you to enjoy during quarantine.

  1. 1. 3% (2016 - )

    The first original show of Brazilian Netflix happens in a dystopian future where most of the Brazilian population lives in the miserable Continent. When they become 20, they have a chance to change this scenario by passing through the Process, a physical and psychological test in order to go to Mar Alto and live a wealthier life. Only 3% are selected. It’s a great show for those who like drama and action. 

    Until now, 3%  has three seasons available on Netflix. The cast has names like Bianca Comparato, João Miguel and Mel Fronckowiak.

  2. 2. Irmão do Jorel (2014 - )

    The only successful Cartoon Network’s Brazilian animation, it’s protagonist is a funny young boy known as Jorel's Brother. The kid is so overshadowed by Jorel, his perfect oldest brother, that no one calls him by his real name (a mystery for all of us). I bet you are gonna be dying to take the famous avocado vitamin by Grandma Juju.

    Created by Juliano Enrico, Irmão do Jorel is available on Cartoon Network and Netflix.

  3. 3. Shippados (2019 - )

    Rita (Tatá Werneck), a supermarket employee, and Enzo, a programmer, are two characters with a (truly) failed love life.  They end up meeting and noticing that they have a lot in common. Together, they realize that, yes, it’s possible to be happy when it comes to love. Alert: Rita and Enzo are best couple ever! #Rizo

    Shippados was created by Fernanda Young and Alexandre Machado, and is now available on GloboPlay. The cast includes Clarice Falcão, Luis Lobianco and Rafael Queiroga.

  4. 4. Pico da Neblina (2019 - )

    The drama takes place in a ficcional Brazil where marijuana is legalized and the ex-trafficker, Biriba (Luís Navarro) sees a chance to set up a business while remaining in the game. However, he still has to face problems with his family, friends and his past as a drug dealer. The show runs away from stereotypes by showing a lot of originality, especially when it comes to debating problems that must be discussed in current reality.

    Directed by Quico and Fernando Meirelles featuring Daniel Furlan, Henrique Santana and Teca Pereira, Pico da Neblina is available on NOW and HBO Play.

  5. 5. Assédio (2018 - )

    Inspired by Vicente Vilardaga book, A Clínica: a Farsa e os Crimes de Roger Abdelmassih, the show portrays a group of women denouncing sexual abuse by the reproductive medicine specialist doctor, Roger Sadala (Antonio Calloni). The 10-episode is touching especially to women for bringing issues that need to be faced. 

    Available on GloboPlay, Assédio is directed by Maria Camargo and has the participation of Adriana Esteves and Paola Oliveira.

  6. 6. Feras (2019 - )

    Ciro (João Vitor Silva) ends up an 8-year relationship and needs to learn how to deal with the single life again. The drama portrays young adults in São Paulo’s modern life, learning how to deal with internal conflicts, relationships, friends, sexuality... A “generation Z” type of show. This one's for you, “Santa Cecilier”!

    Feras is a MTV production, directed by Felipe Sant'angelo and Teodoro Poppovic. The cast includes names like Camila Márdila, Rodrigo Garcia, Laerte and Jesuíta Barbosa.

The article above was edited by Gabriela Girardi

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