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#6 Books To Read If You Want To Fall In Love With Fictitious Characters

They are sweet. Smart. Kind. Always act pleasantly and unexpectedly. They smell good. They will never, ever, break your heart. And, of course, they only exist in your mind. Fictitious characters are the most reliable people for you to put your love on, because, after a few pages, you can picture them exactly the way you prefer, and that is the best part. On that behalf, check out these five books you need to read if you want to expand your list of fictional loves!

“The Goal”, by Elle Kennedy

Looking for a hot boyfriend? John Tucker is the guy. Looking for a caring husband? John Tucker is also your guy. Looking for a funny company for you to spend your Sunday afternoons eating donuts and watching terrible movies? Guess what? John Tucker is your guy! The redheaded hockey player is the type of character that steals your heart at the very moment you first hear of him, and, after a while reading about his story, makes you beg for them to never give it back. “The Goal” is the fourth and last book of the “Off Campus” series written by Elle Kennedy, and all the boys are great, but Tucker is one of a kind.

“Pride and Prejudice”, by Jane Austen

Bet you did not expect this one coming, did you? By now you may be thinking I am going to talk about Mr. Darcy or his love interest, Lizzie Bennet, but that is definitely not the case. Do not get me wrong, they are awesome but Jane Austen did not name the best-looking character from her novel by mistake: Jane Bennet is an angel. She fits the comfortable character perfectly by being part of one of the most iconic sisterhoods of all Literature. However, unintentionally, she also puts the reader in the dilemma of wanting to be her best friend and marry her simultaneously – watch out Mr. Bingley!

“The Selection”, by Kiera Cass

Maxon will certainly update your love standarts! In the book, 35 girls are sent to a castle to fight for his heart, however, I believe this number would be much higher if he existed in real life: the prince is the definition of perfection. The story is a trilogy, which is awesome, because it means more pages of him and the interesting enemies to lovers plot.  

“Red, White & Royal Blue”, Casey McQuiston

It may be a difficult task to choose just one character from “Red, White & Royal Blue” to put your love on, once they all are captivating. For me, it was Henry. The words he wrote to Alex just got me crying and smiling for so long that I just realized I was doing it when they ended. He is smart and kind and will make every page of the book worth your time and passion.

“Daisy Jones & The Six”, Taylor Jenkins Reid

When listening about the plot of this book – a rock band that, little by little, takes on the world – you may think that the main characters, Billy and Daisy Jones, will become the readers’ favourites. However, Karen Karen attracts the attention of the public, even when that is not what she wants, with her talent, smart comments and easy way of dealing with things. She is the perfect friend for some, but it is almost impossible not to fall for her. Sometimes, I wanted to hug her so badly that I did it to the book. How could I not? 

“Fazendo meu filme”, by Paula Pimenta

This list would not be complete without a brazilian! Leo is just so accurate that sometimes you may think that you actually know him and that he will pick you up at your house and give you some of his homemade CDs. “Fazendo meu filme” is the type of book that makes you want to enter into the story, and the fact that it is set in Brazil makes this desire stronger! 


The article above was edited by Carolina Rodrigues

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Duda Ventura

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Duda Ventura was a student at Casper Libero, Brazil. Writer of “Ass. Melissa”, published in 2019, she truly believes that writing is lending your heart a pair of wings, and that carrot cakes are disguised angels.
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