6 Best Films Of The Sundance Festival 2019

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the best opportunities for independent directors to put their productions on the spotlight, meaning that receiving a Sundance Award is really important nowadays.

Being the center of indie filmmaking is an immense responsibility, and the festival has been accomplishing its goals: their commitment is to give space to diversity. Differently from the patterned film industry, the footages are judged only by their real work and real impact without any prejudice filters.

Here are some award-winning films of the festival that everyone should see and appreciate:

1. Brittany Runs a Marathon

Image Source: iMDb

Frustrated with her exhausting and boring way of living, Brittany starts running as an attempt to bust up and take control of her life! The film got an Audience Award, because the plot is pretty relatable and shows how perseverance is important.

2. Clemency

Image Source: iMDb

After years working as a prison warden taking people to their death row executions, Bernadine Williams starts asking herself about the fairness of this sentence. Director and writer Chinonye Chukwu is capable of touching each individual that watch the film in a extraordinary way.

3. Queen of Hearts

Image Source: iMDb

A woman puts her family and career in risk when she starts seducing her teenage stepson. The award-winning danish film brings an important talk about assault on man and the enormous taboo that involves the situation.

4. One Child Nation

Image Source: iMDb

A Chinese first-time mother unveils the secrets about One-child policy in her country. In a sensitive documentary, she sees her own family recent past and gets the view of all victims of the system. Nanfu Wang is a filmmaker that had to confront the country’s government showing courage and determination.

5. The Souvenir

Image Source: iMDb

A young and ambitious film student tries to follow her own path as an artist in the early 80s, while she is in love with a charismatic but complicated man. Joanna Hogg’s new movie is a paced drama that is incredible capable of involving the public.

6. Sea of Shadows

Image Source: iMDb

The alarming documentary shows the effort of activists, journalists and Mexican navy to save the Earth’s smallest whale, The Vaquita, from extinction. Richard Ladkani, the director, shows how the marine life in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez is being endangered by destructive poaching methods.