6 Beaches Nearby São Paulo To Go Before The End Of The Summer

The summer ends very soon (March 20th, to be sure) and if you wanna enjoy it until the last day of warm sun, why not going to the beach? Even if you think it’s a good idea, but don’t have a clue about where to go or think you don’t have much time to take a long trip, we made a list of beaches nearby São Paulo that you still can visit. Hope you get a good tan before autumn comes!


Praia da Sununga. Image Source: Rafael Vianna Croffi/Creative Commons

Ubatuba is 230 km away from São Paulo and the trip takes about 3 hours, but believe me: it’s worth it. The city has 70 different beaches for you to go and the most popular is Praia do Lázaro, but there are many other options, such as Praia Grande, Vermelha, Puruba and Domingas Dias. The city also has islands and waterfalls, if you want to spend a few more days and explore the nature landscape around.


Praia da Fome. Image Source: Camille Carboni

Ilhabela is the right path for those in love with the sea. The city is about 200 km from São Paulo and it’s covered by the Atlantic forest - and because of that maybe it’s a good thing to take a insect repellent with you. Praia Grande, Armação, Pedra do Sino, Feiticeira and Julião are some of the good options if you don’t want to go far from downtown and yet have a great experience.


Image Source: Rafael Vianna Croffi/Creative Commons

About 150 km from São Paulo, Peruíbe is a good choice for those who don’t want to go too far and don’t wanna go to Praia Grande either. There, each tribe has its own beach: who likes to surf and go camping goes to Guaraú, but families and groups of friends that wants to relax goes to Prainha.

São Sebastião

Maresias. Image Source: Jordan Klein/Creative Commons

The city is 200 km from São Paulo and it’s known because of Maresias, the most famous beach from São Sebastião. But it’s not the only one. Juréia, Cambury, Juquehy and Barra do Una are also good choices, and don’t forget to watch the sunset in Boiçucanga after spending the day, you won’t regret the view! If you want to know more about the city, you can also take a tour in the historical center.

Ilha Comprida

Pedrinhas. Image Source: Camille Carboni

Ilha Comprida is about 220 km from São Paulo and the view is just like and island: sand dunes, natural pools and beautiful beaches, from Boqueirão do Norte to Boqueirão do Sul. There, you can also take the ecological safari to observe the natural landscape and visit the caiçara village of Pedrinhas.


Image Source: Creative Commons

The furthest from all this beaches, Cananéia is almost 300 km from São Paulo. The city is considered an environmental sanctuary full of species of fauna and flora, with beaches as Pereirinha and Marujá. There’s also a historical center and many islands nearby, such as Ilha do Cardoso, Ilha do Bom Abrigo and Ilha Comprida, where you can  reach by boat and see a few dolphins swimming on the way!