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#5 TV Shows That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

2020 has been a crazy year and tv shows definitely are in the middle of all this mess. Although we started off with a diverse programming, we’ve seen, day per day, our favorite series not getting renewed. If you’re a tv show fan like me, you know how hard it is to get over the fact your favorite show is now cancelled — especially when it happens during the season, which means that we don’t actually have a good ending. 

Here’s a list of five tv shows that makes me really mad every time I remember they’ve been cancelled!


Anne with an E

It wouldn’t be a cancelled tv show list if we didn’t start with the one and only Netflix original Anne with an E. The theme of countless twitter protests was cancelled in 2019, and we still see the hashtag #SaveAnneWithAnE trending. Based on the book Anne of Green Gables, this beloved tv show tells the story of Anne, this sweet, but spoken minded girl, who goes through a bunch of challenges in life with the help of her close friends. Needless to say that people were very upset because of this particular cancellation.

The Get Down

Following the Netflix trend, The Get Down debuted in 2016 and was cancelled after its first season. Even though the tv show talks about the most various and important themes, the streaming platform decided to not renew it for another season. The story is set in the 70s, in the Bronx, NYC, and it’s main plot follows a group of friends who try to make their way into the music industry. The diversity and representation of the cast is fundamental, and it’s such a bummer that Netflix did not spread the word as much as it should have. 

Spin Out

Do you see a trend here? Once again, Netflix cancelled a very popular tv show after its first season and it also brought hashtags to Twitter. Different from other tv shows who focus on romances, Spin Out also brings a new perspective to ice skating competition, specially because it portrays a very strong woman who suffers from a lesion and tries to get back into the rink. You need to step your divulgation game up, Netflix!

The Purge

But Netflix isn’t the only one not picking their popular tv shows up. The Purge, which was based on the movie who has the same name, revolves around a dystopian United States ruled by a totalitarian government that legalizes all types of crimes for 12 hours every year. The movies are extremely popular, and the series got to have two seasons, but USA Network cancelled the horror production way too early. If you’re interested in watching it nonetheless, it’s available on Amazon Prime.

High Fidelity

You might not know about this tv show, but I’m telling you: you should. This romantic comedy was based on a 1995 novel of the same name, and it was not only starred by the amazing Zoë Kravitz (from the new Batman, Divergent and Big Little Lies), but was also produced by her. It tells the story of Rob, a huge music fan, who’s obsessed with pop culture and owns a record store. Unfortunately, Hulu decided not to renew it after the first season, even though the series had a lot of potential.


The article above was edited by Gabriela Girardi

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