5 TV Shows That Are Worth The Hype

Do you want to add a new TV series to your watch-list, but don’t know which one to choose? And do you also think that the most known TV shows are not worth watching? We prepared a list of the TV programms you need to give a chance - because it may change your mind.

1. Grey's Anatomy


Who never heard of Grey’s Anatomy? The show airs since 2005 with a lot of drama in a hospital routine. It doesn't focus only in Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) life or on patients treatments, but also on the traumas, marriages and difficulties of all the characters that happens in and outside the workplace. Even though there are many seasons, once you begin, you won’t stop watching.

2. Stranger Things


Of course Stranger Things would be on this list. The show has a huge repercussion since it was released in 2016. A few days after the debut, everybody was already talking about it on social media. With humor, suspense and a story that brings you back to the 80’s, you’ll become addicted to it.

3. Black Mirror


Black Mirror is one of the most watched shows of any streaming service. It shows the dark side of technology in people’s lives in an anthology format, which means that each episode has an independent story. The episodes may bother you with all the reality, but it will also make you think about it for a whole day after watching.

4. La Casa de Papel


La Casa de Papel is huge success because of Netflix. The story is about the Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) plan to rob the The Royal Mint of Spain. You will love to be on the criminals side and to know more about each character, learning about their passions and reasons. 

5. Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is a synonym of success. Even if is it is not on Netflix, the show made their name by itself. With rich in details, GOT has many plots happening at the same time and, at some point, all plots start to become one - in an unexpected way. Also, visual effects and costumes are amazing!