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#5 Small Bands You Need To Check Out Now

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We all love famous artists, but there is nothing like meeting that small band that is destined to become your favorite. When we start following smaller artists, we feel more connected and closer to them, it’s almost like having a band to call your own.

Get to know these talented bands:

The Rave-Ups

I met this band when I was watching the iconic Beverly Hills 90210 episode “Spring Dance”. ‘The Rave-Ups’ was invited to play at the school ball, and their songs certainly made the episode even more special, especially when I heard ‘Smile’ for the first time, I felt my heart doing cartwheels.

The American rock group was founded in 1979 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but it was in Los Angeles that the band gained more attention. The group’s songs are set within various genres, such as pop-rock, alternative rock, alternative country, and others. ‘The Rave-Ups’ had countless members over the years, but the group unfortunately came to an end in 1992.

Songs you should listen to: Smile, She Says (Come Around), The Best I Can’t.

La Casa Azul

La Casa Azul’ songs transit magically between the modern and the old, with references from the 60s and 70s. The word that best describes the Spanish indie-pop band is originality. The lyrics are creative and the rhythm is catchy, which certainly sets the band apart within the Spanish music scene.

Their soundtrack is the perfect choice for a joyful party, it is also a great alternative to learn a little more about the Spanish language. All these elements create a unique universe that would not work with any other band than La Casa Azul. They definitely deserve to be highlighted in the world music business.

Songs you should listen to: Podría Ser Peor, El Momento, Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán a la Pista.

Caught a Ghost

You know when you are going to an event by car, you are wearing a powerful look, and you want to listen to some soft but sophisticated songs to get into the mood even more? Caught a Ghost’s soundtrack is perfect for this kind of moment. The LA band creates songs that are somewhere between Soul and R&B. “Caught a Ghost” refers to an old expression, which means to feel the spirit and get possessed by the music.

Even though they are a US band, the largest number of listeners, according to Spotify, is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Songs you should listen to: Human Nature, Sleeping at Night, Time Go.


If you want to listen to some Italian good music, Thegiornalisti is the perfect band to get started. Their songs are intense, funny, modern, and are also the perfect soundtrack for a great summer.

Thegiornalisti’s first album was released in 2011, but they received a special look from the Italians in 2017 when ‘Riccione’ came out, it was a summer hit all over the country, it was so successful that it became the theme song of Netflix’s original movie ‘Sotto il Sole di Riccione’, premiered in 2020.

Songs you should listen to: Fine dell’estate, Riccione, Balla.

Cold War Kids

Founded in 2004, the members of indie rock band met each other at university and started to go regularly to the apartment of one of them. Since then, they started to create powerful songs.

The band’s curious name came after a trip that Matt Maust, one of the members, took with his brother. They visited a park where statues used to be dumped after being removed due to the fall of communism, but nowadays it has become a place where people have picnics and children play, that’s when the term first came into his head. Besides, he is also a Cold War kid, since he was born in 1979.

Songs you should listen to: First, Love Is Mystical, Hang Me Up to Dry.

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