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#5 Recipes From Books And Films To Cook During Your Vacation

We all know how fictional stories interfere in our emotions. You’ve certainly already fallen in love, felt anger or disappointment and suffered as if you were part of that specific made-up world, right?  However, have you ever read a book or watched a movie that got you hungry? A work that had that memorable piece of food you’ve always wanted to try but, for being fictional, it only kept living in your mind?

In this middle-year vacation, a lot of people are investing in testing culinary techniques to spend their time in a creative way. So, what if you invest it in creating meals based on your favorite books and movies? That should help you have a good time during your free time and, depending where you live, it may help you to deal with quarantine and the pandemic. See a list of 5 masterpieces you can get ideas from:


As the good Ghibli productions fan that I am, I couldn’t think about anything but Ponyo and her iconic ramen at first. Whoever is, just like me, passionate about the goldfish-human story for years, must’ve had the wish to try that japanese noodles that Lisa cooks for Ponyo and Sosuke.

On April 22, @annyeongkya brought the anime scene to real life, using nothing but a pack of instant ramen, two slices of ham, a boiled egg and chopped green onion. Here you can watch the reel she posted:

You can also check this same recipe in the blog Food is a Four Letter Word, with a cute series of pictures of a plush Ponyo doll:

Ponyo’s Ramen Recipe – Studio Ghibli Meal – FOOD is Four Letter Word

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Still talking about Studio Ghibli, in Kiki’s Delivery Service, the one which Kiki has to deliver an amazing herring pie from an adorable grandmother to her grandson. It looks so attractive it’s almost as if you can feel the aroma of a fresh-baked “grandma food”.

Bakery is a top try in the culinary world: a lot of people love exploring all its possibilities, from basic baking works up to complex and long fermentations. Kiki’s pie is not only a delicious (yet easy) food, but also a great way to put your efforts into food decoration — if you want to follow the recipe by the book and add that incredible dough herring to the top.

The YouTube channel Feast of Fiction, which brings a lot of fiction meals to reality, presented the complete recipe in the video below (there’s also the written version on the description).

And, if you liked these two items and got interested in japanese anime food, BuzzFeed published a video in which Inga (@ingatylam on Instagram) only makes and eats Ghibli food for 24 hours:  I Only Ate Studio Ghibli Foods For 24 Hours.

Inga also has other videos for BuzzFeedVideos and her own YouTube channel, in which she tries and cooks other movies’ meals.


This french feel-good movie brings us a sensation of comfort and makes us want to live in Amélie’s world — Poulain is fascinated about life’s small pleasures, giving each daily detail an importance that sometimes we don’t recognize in real life. It’s almost as if we get inside of the story, as if we can feel the same as she does.

One of the prestiges that amazes Amélie is the food. There’s an iconic scene when the protagonist is baking a plum cake at her apartment. Trying to cook this might be a delicious way to get closer to the lovely character. The blog “Food in Books” adapted this appealing dessert to their very own personality, check it out: Food in Films – Amélie – Food In Books.

The Hour of The Star

The Brazilian classic novel with a tone of criticism also has a few lines reserved for food: apart from the hot dog, Macabéa eats a particular donut that will make your mouth water. In portuguese, it’s called “rosquinhas açucaradas”, something similar to “sugary donuts”. This brazilian blog posted a quick recipe of those, and the website can easily be translated to english: Rosquinhas Açucaradas de “A Hora da Estrela” – Capitu vem para o jantar.

Dom Casmurro

Probably the most famous ever and one of the most important novels for literature history, Dom Casmurro narrates a case of a supposed betrayal — but the decision if it was real or just an immense paranoia is up to the reader. Despite the troubled plot, there’s a point in the book in which a cocada, a traditional brazilian food, is presented. The same blog that made the recipe for The Hour of the Star, “Capitu vem para o jantar” (that even has the name based on the main Dom Casmurro’s character, Capitu) developed a dessert inspired on Machado’s cocada: Como fazer uma cocada cremosa inspirada em Dom Casmurro – Capitu vem para o jantar.

Hope you have fun with theses tips! And happy vacation.


The article above was edited by Laura Enchioglo.

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