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The 5th season of  “Queer Eye”, Netflix’s reality show that has won seven Emmys, will be released this Friday (5), for a great marathon over the weekend! The show has five experts: Antoni Porowski (food and wine), Bobby Berk (interior design), Tan France (fashion), Karamo Brown (culture), and Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), more commonly known as the “Fab Five”. Each season takes them to a different place, and this time, they went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the USA. “With cities like that, there’s always an incredible amount of diversity, so there are very different stories and perspectives not only culturally but also age-wise”, said Antoni for EW.

This season, they will continue to use their specialties to help participants find self-love, delivering a beautiful message of inclusion, trust, encouraging freedom and establishing human connections.

And if this hasn’t convinced you yet, here are five other reasons to watch the newest season of “Queer Eye”:

Representative And Touching Stories

The “Fab Five” give visibility to the LGBTQ+ community and, with the “Heroes” that are helped on the show, bring very different points of view about life, culture, politics, self-identity and others to the show, since they all have the space to speak and to listen, and are respected for who they are.

Released on May 21st, the trailer for the new season shows that this time won’t be any different. In it, we are presented to an African-American woman who has been bullied since childhood for her height, a middle-aged gay priest who recently came out of the closet and an Asian-American single mother who feels insufficient.

The trailer shows how exciting, beautiful and full of emotional connections, self-love and love for others, this season will be.

10 Exciting Episodes

This fifth season will be the biggest one yet, since the show normally has eight episodes each season and had four in the Tokyo special. This made fans very happy, because that means even more exciting and inspirational trajectories.

An Inspiration In Quarantine

During isolation, people can become vulnerable to low self-esteem or think too much about their own issues and difficulties. For this reason, watching this reality show that presents the change of people who need help, encouraging self-confidence, self-love and freedom, may be a source of inspiration.

Feel Embraced By The “Fab Five”

The happiness transmitted by Antoni, Karamo, Bobby, Jonathan and Tan during the episodes overflows to the viewers, who feel loved by the “Fab Five”. The show has a great energy, providing beautiful laughs and “tears of love”. Watching the 10 episodes will definitely make you feel embraced and happier.

Season 6 Has Already Been Confirmed

YAAAAS QUEEN! On March 11th, even before the premiere of season 5, Netflix confirmed the 6th season of “Queer Eye”, which will be recorded in Austin, Texas. “The Fab Five will return to their southern roots with a homebase in Austin, TX where they will scour the prairie in a search for a whole new roster of heroes in need of a little TLC,” a news release from Netflix reads.


The article above was edited by Laura Okida.

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