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#5 Podcasts To Listen If You Want To Know More About Politics

If you are interested in knowing more about politics – or even if you are not interested because you think that getting to know about politics is just reading the news – the following podcasts are here to show you that listening about these topics can also be entertaining. If you want to take a break from Netflix or just to know more about what is happening around you, don’t hesitate to take a look into these 5 interesting podcast series!


The Take – Al Jazeera

This podcast offers an interesting global view of international relations and politics from a media network that is based in the Middle East. Also, it explains some conflicts of power and of narratives and consequences of acts that might not come to us in a primary analysis, reinforcing the critical point of study of these types of issues. Therefore, the political topics put forward in their discussions distance themselves from those most commonly brought up by mainstream media, those of which we normally hear about on our TVs. So, if you want to get to know more about global politics, take about 20 minutes from your routine to listen to this podcast!

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Coronavirus Global Update – BBC World Service

Some people may claim that all they hear about nowadays on the news is related to Covid-19 pandemic. However, this podcast by BBC brings up many topics that we normally don’t think about while listening to updates regarding the virus, such as the discussion around the toll nature conservation efforts have suffered as a consequence of the political issues intensified because of the pandemic. Also, these five-minute podcasts are the right ones for you if you want to learn more about politics while having to hussle all day around virtual calls, study times or work tasks.

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The Foreign Desk – Monocle

This media network based in Switzerland has conquered the difficult task of bringing up deep, but also interesting discussions around global affairs and political conflicts. While staying true to the present and to the most recent global breaking news, this series brings up the past when exploring historical and political relations that constitute the world as we know it today, such as putting forward the discussion on the conflict of narratives around genocides, while talking about the Uighur genocide that is happening in China. Thus, this podcast is for you if you have the need to understand more about what has taken us to see the issues and events that are happening around the globe.

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Papo de Política – G1

Led by four renowned Brazillian journalists – Natuza Nery, Andréia Sadi, Julia Dualibi and Maju Coutinho –, this podcast talks through the political issues and relations all around Brazil. However, it is interesting that the commentators always analyse the countries’ external relations and economy while bringing up the backstages of Brazil’s hottest political topics. Also, Therefore, if you think that learning about politics is boring, stay tuned to hear about the latest issues from the complex and unique Brazillian political scenario.

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Política ao Quadrado – 2M Produções

If you can take a little bit of time in your day to learn about politics, this podcast series is totally worth it! At the same time the podcasts talks about important political topics, such as the Covid-19 financial relief in Brazil and how to inform yourself about what is going on, they creatively bring up references such as Taylor Swift and the reality show Big Brother Brasil. While interviewing personalities who deal with the Brazillian political scenario, they broaden their discussions by debating the relevant role of the media and other political agents on mitigating social issues and inequalities. Hence, this podcast leads you to hear laid-back but also complex talks about what is happening in Brazil’s politics.

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The article above was edited by Carolina Rodrigues.

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