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5 Plants That Are Perfect For Inside Of The House And For Your Home Office

Plants are totally inserted in our daily life. They are used through medicines, cosmetics, food and many other products. Another way that we can add them even more in our daily lives is through cultivation. Bringing plants indoors can help clean the air, help with concentration, reduce stress and relieve allergies.

With social isolation we spend more time indoors. It used to be a place to rest, but the sudden change to the new model of life has negatively affected people in different ways.

With work, study and training from home our houses end up becoming tiring and stressful. Many people report being more anxious - due to the fact that they are trapped - and having difficulty sleeping due to limited mobility. Therefore, investing in a change in the environment can make us have a better experience, as good as it can be in this pandemic period.

The architect Leika Morishita says that in addition to making the environment more beautiful, the plants bring a feeling of warmth “the plants accompanied by beautiful pots or hangers help with the decoration, and also create a sense of refuge, as we are close to nature, giving a breath of everyday life in the city”.

And for those who don't understand plants or understand and want to add some to the collection, we have listed 5 plants that can improve this working from home period.


With large and very green leaves, the Swiss Cheese Plant has been a reference for prints, it's not difficult to find it in clothes, bags and even pillows. It should be placed in a bright place, but without direct light, and watered two or three times a week. It’s also recommended to clean the leaves with a damp cloth to remove the dirt that accumulates on them.


One of the best known plants in Brazil, ferns have a marked presence with their long fallen leaves, they are usually placed in hangers forming a green wall. There are different types and sizes and one of its main benefits is air humidification, which makes the environment more pleasant, in addition to helping to alleviate respiratory problems. They like a lot of water and should be placed in environments with indirect light, they are a great option for bedrooms, but also for bathrooms.


It’s a species that adapts both in external and internal environments. Easy to care for, it can be placed in places with direct light and can survive with two weekly waterings in the summer, so anyone who is new to plant cultivation can start with this one. Its leaves go down just like the ferns. Leika indicates them as an option to decorate the bathroom.


For the ones that don’t have much practice with plant management and sometimes forget to water them, having succulents is perfect, they are also a good option for those who need concentration and memory. They are quite resistant and have the capacity to store water - cacti are part of this group. You can water them once a week in the summer and two or three times a month in the winter, it’s important to leave them in places with plenty of light.


Many people believe that the Saint George’s Sword  protects against bad energy and that is why they are usually placed at the entrance to houses. It has this name due to the shape of their leaves that refer to swords. They are resistant plants and should be placed close to well-lit places, watering should be done every 15 or 20 days.

Silchya Rodrigues

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