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5 Iconic On-Screen Lesbians and Why They Deserve Your Attention

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Fortunately, the LGBTQIA+ representation in series and in films has been growing every year. This fact makes it possible for the audience to feel closer to the content they watch, and thus create bonds of affection with important characters. As an example of this, I have separated 5 iconic lesbian characters that make my heart pound, and surely deserve your attention!

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is an iconic character from Adventure Time, but did you know that she is a lesbian?

For those who had only watched the cartoon as kids, this was something thoughtless, but for those who made it until the end, it was long-awaited news. 

Throughout the series, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline developed a super discreet, but completely lovely relationship, they shared several scenes together, where they show a very close relationship. This move made fans come up with a lot of theories and choose them as the cutest couple in the series. Even with the speculations, the confirmation of the couple and the sexuality of Bubblegum happened only in the last episode of the cartoon, which did not prevent them from becoming a couple much loved by fans and the LGBTQIA+ community.


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Robin Buckley was a character who caught everyone’s attention in the third season of the famous Netflix series Stranger Things.

At the beginning of the season, Robin joined Dustin, Erika and Steve on a mission to save the town where they lived. In this period, the character grows a lot in the series, becoming a favorite of the public, who began to speculate that the girl  was a possible romantic pair for Steve Harrington. However, in the seventh episode, Robin revealed herself as a lesbian, and that made an impression on the spectators. With the iconic phrase: “Tammy Thompson. I wanted her to look at me. But … she couldn’t pull her eyes away from you and your stupid hair.” – she explained about her interest in a classmate, Tammy, making  things clear with Steve.

She became an important character for representation in the show, being a strong and empowered woman, who faces challenges with courage and doesn’t give up on a lesbian  relationship in a difficult time. 

Maya Hawke as Robin via Stranger Things Instagram.

Darcy olsson

Heartstopper, released in 2022 by Netflix, it’s a show full of representation. Based on the comic book of the same name, the series won tons of teenage hearts  because of all of the amazing characters. Among them, we have Darcy Olsson, a 16 year old girl, who is a very extroverted and really kind person, who  loves to make her friends and her girlfriend, Tara, happy. Unfortunately, Darcy’s upbeat nature contradicts her life at home, where she needs to face parents who are verbally abusive to her sexuality and personality. Because of this, her story is one of the most inspiring of the series, showing the reality of many lesbian girls at home, but never giving up. Darcy teaches us how to be strong, and that love and friendship are essential for one’s survival. 

Tara finding out about Darcy’s upbringing.


Main character in the Fear Street trilogy that was a fan favorite in 2021, Deena Johnson, besides being a strong and fearless character,  also served representation and proved to be one of the most passionate lesbian we know. In the first film, the story revolves around Deena and her friends, who had to face a lot of anomalies that happened in their town. Amid all the confusion, passing through many problems, Deena still takes time to try to rekindle the relationship with her ex, Samantha, and at many times makes it clear that she is her highest priority. Her actions are questionable at times, but we can’t deny that she is a well-built character who has won the fans’ hearts.

Kiana Madeira (Deena) and Olivia Welch (Sam) for Fear Street 1994.


Sophia Lillis as Syd.

Syd Novak is the main character of the series I’m Not Okay With This, which premiered on Netflix in 2020 and has a single season (one of the many lesbian shows canceled by the platform after one season). Throughout the episodes we get to know Sydney’s life better, a girl who is discovering herself in many ways, like in her tastes, her abilities and also exploring her sexuality. The way this theme is approached makes us empathize with the character, and in some moments we can feel what she is conveying because her feelings are well explored. Her romantic interest revolves around her best friend, Dina, where clearly the interactions between the girls make their hearts feel something. Unfortunately the series has not been renewed, but surely they would have formed one of the best sapphic couples we would ever know.


The article above was edited by Rafaella Alcici.

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