5 Hairstyles for Autumn: Make it Easy and Beautiful

Brazil is a tropical country. Because of it, Brazilians have “the unsure period”, when the weather stay between cold and warm temperature, being called autumn. Therefore, it is common that the day in this season starts rainy or cold as a fridge, but, with the day going by, the temperature gets higher and higher. Knowing all that, the Brazilian girls needs to choose a hairstyle that can bear the changing weather. Here are some ideas that Casperian’s students selected for help others who can possibly pass through something similar.

For number #1 we got Waterfall Braid: A beautiful and clean hairstyle, ideal for cold weather and a cute look. Simple, anyone can learn how to make it and even if you can’t, always have that one friend that can make it on you. This braid helps to control the rebels hairs and creates greats chances to your creativity works. It works in short hair, long hair, and it is beautiful when you have curly or\and colored hair.

                                                                                       A simple tutorial for those interested

The number #2 is a different ponytail, the Double Ponytail: This hairstyle is for the ones who miss the long hair or want to give the impression of volume. One of the easiest, the ponytail is a classic, a dear old friend for any girl ,but with the simple double it gets a new level, protecting from the eventual cold and leaving your face clean for the rare sun of Fall. Even if this hairstyle became better in straight long hair, any experience is valid and with care will be beautiful

                                                                                      Double ponytail to you

Now we get to the number #3, the elegant Tiara: How you take your bangs out of your face easily? Put a tiara on! Or any variation of that accessory. The law is create, innovate, change. Anything can be done with this cute accessories and any kind of hairs can become even more beautiful. The “unsure” weather asks for a hairstyle that leave you comfortable in any temperature.

                                                                                       For the curly ones

Our number #4 is another braid. The Fishtail Braid: a very elegant and glamorous hairstyle. It can be used in any occasion, it match with most of the clothes and it can be quite easy to make. Even so, why not combine styles? The braid can be used with ponytail, others braids and more. Any kind of hair can look good with this braid, it helps you to look cute and elegant at the same time.

                                                                                      Become a Mermaid

The last tip is number #5, the classic Bun: Keep it classic, keep it simple. Like the simple Black Dress, the bun is a hairstyle for everything. And it’s true! Anything can stay gorgeous with a well-done bun. You can make it loose, it stylist, maybe even combine any of the hairstyles of this list with your bun!

                                                                                      Keep it simple!