5 Game Of Thrones’s Theories That (Kind Of) Came True

The biggest phenomenal of recent television came to an end. Yes, Game Of Thrones is finally over in the series most polemic season yet. For six episodes, people all around the world stopped every Sunday night to pray for an interesting ending – and a big pack of memes.

In season 8, people seemed to be really annoyed of how things turned out. Every week, social media exploded with GoT’s comments, and I must say, most of them were fan critiques about the script.

Remember all the fan theories and wishes about Westeros future? Almost all of them came apart, but I am here to make sure they won’t be forgotten. Still, some of them were, indeed, completed, and they deserve a spot here.

So here are some fan theories that entered the season finale:

  1. 1. Daenerys would turn mad

    The Mad Queen theory has been on everyone’s mouth since season 5, when Dany started to conquer and expand. Even though most people were incredible sad about how her character developed, this were probably going to happen sooner or later. The craziness gene, sadly, were a part of the Targaryen’s house and Daenerys died with the lust of power on her mind.

    Yes, I can tell that the bell moment was one of the most controversial of GoT’s moment, but it was painful to watch for those who were Dany’s stans.

  2. 2. Jon would be the one to kill Daenerys

    When episode 8x05 ended, the internet divided on those who thought Arya was going to kill the queen and those who thought of Jon. The second half was guided by the song ‘’Power is Power’’ by The Weeknd, Sza and Travis Scott. On the soundtrack, Sza’s part is about Dany and she sings ‘’Only love could kill me. God bless’’. When the fans first heard this, they guessed it right: the lost Targaryen would be the one to maintain peace by killing the Queen.

  3. 3. Brienne and Jaime would be a thing

    Okay, so since season 3 something was going on between those two. Braime shippers became bigger and better everytime they met, with a friendship that could be something else. Even though it ended badly (which infuriated the fans), the long-waited kiss happened on episode 8x04. The Kingslayer broke her heart, but we still melt when we remember the Knight of Seven Kingdoms’s episode

    So, I will joy the fans and say that the ship Braime deserved better.

  4. 4. Bran would be the king

    We all know that Bran Stark’s protagonism increased each season. Most people really thought he was the Night King, or was going to be the one to kill him – but a little part of GoT’s fanbase got it right. Somehow (and we still don’t know why) Bran became the most respectable person in Westeros, and his wisdom overpassed time and space.

  5. 5. Sansa would become Queen in the North

    Sansa Stark’s development, was by far, one the most incredible in the series. In fact, she proved to be a mature and intelligent woman, just like her mother Catelyn. In the end, she was the one thinking about Winterfell’s wealth all the time, and she deserved the crown.

Even though a few things became true, we all know that there are also some theories that didn’t make the cut, but would be incredible if they did.

The Azor Ahai theory, for example, was snubbed by the directors, but the fans remembers and thought that Arya or Jon Snow would fit that spot. As Arya was the one to kill the Night King, so we thought that she was the promised warrior (just like Melisandre). In Jon’s case, he killed his Nissa Nissa (Daenerys), but in the end, all of the theory was ignored. They just used some parts to justify actions.

Another topic is Jaime Lannister as the Valonqar. Most fans were annoyed about Jaime’s death because they thought he would kill Cersei. Valonqar’s prophecy was about her little brother killing her, which all turned to Jaime’s character. The prophecy also talked about a younger queen that would take her place, it proved to be Margaery or even Dany.

Tyrion Lannister as the third Targaryen was another fallen theory. In the books, the ‘’Three Faces of The Dragon’’ theory exists, and Tyrion, Jon and Dany are the ones. He also has a platinum hair, just like the Targaryens, but it didn’t make to the TV adaptation. In the series, we could see that Tyrion had a good relationship with the dragons, but it turned out to be just normal.

Even though season 8 had some issues and critiques, I’m pretty sure it will take a long time to any other series beat Game of Thrones’ excellence and public interaction. The winter came and will forever be missed.