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5 Creative And Easy DIYs For Christmas Decoration

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Lots of fairy lights, cute ornaments, the whole city decorated in red and green and Santa with the help of his elves are getting ready to deliver our gifts on December 25th… Who doesn’t love it?

Trust me, your house will look cuter if you do these homemade decorations. That’s why I brought some cheap, nice and easy ideas to bring that festive touch inside your house! Just do it yourself.

1. Reindeer Pillow

Image Source: The Craft Patch

Probably there’s an old pillow that you don’t like in your living room, so let’s make it look new and Christmassy? First of all, you need to check Google and print any silhouette of a reindeer that you like. Then, cut and trace it with a pencil on top of a fabric. Cut the fabric and glue it on the pillow with hot glue. Let it dry for some minutes and it’s ready to decorate your sofa. Instead of the reindeer, you can choose any other Christmas things and follow the same steps.

2. Alternative Christmas Tree

Image Source: Princess Polly Blog

It’s understandable if you don’t have the usual Christmas Tree at home, since it’s getting expensive year after year. So why don’t you choose an alternative one? This one, made from driftwood, is my favorite! Go to the nearest park in your neighborhood, collect some driftwood in various lengths and bring them home. Lay out them in a Christmas Tree shape, use a thread to tie the pieces together, hang on your wall and decorate however you want!

3. Christmas Jar Candle Holder

Image Source: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Don’t you like the cozy feeling that comes along with this season? Christmas and candles: it’s a match! You usually find Mason Jars on the supermarket (a.k.a. canned food) and it’s a perfect candle holder to be.

Cut out a painter’s tape in the shape of a Christmas tree. Apply it to the jar and make sure all the edges are sealed tightly. Paint all the jar with the color you chose and let it dry turning it upside down. Once dry, remove the tape and fill the jar with coarse salt and the candle.

4. Light bells

Image Source: Denise Meneghello

Are you a coffee addicted, owner of a coffee machine and don’t know how to reuse the pods? I can give you a simple solution: clear the entire pod, cut tiny holes in the bottom of it and add them into the fairy lights in your tree to have some cute light bells.

5. Santa Wreath

Image source: Love of Crochet

Pom-poms never go out of style. Now you can have a Santa Claus wreath made out of them and you can learn how to do it here! Cut a cardboard in the shape of a circle. Hot glue the pom-poms you made all over the wreath. Take care with the colors and the final result should look like Santa Claus’ clothes. Finish it with a belt buckle and hang it on your door!

Let’s get our hands dirty!

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