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5 brazilian streetwear brands for you to know

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Brazilian streetwear is making strides in the global fashion industry and creating its own identity, incorporating elements of the country’s culture and a lot of innovation coming from the designers. So, check out 5 breathtaking brands from the scene that you need to know. 


Conceived by the couple Felipe and Juliana Matayoshi, PACE is a streetwear brand consolidated in the Brazilian fashion market and has been gaining worldwide visibility in the past few years. The main inspirations for the brand’s designs are Felipe’s Japanese ancestry, originally from Okinawa, a small island in Japan.

The brand was launched in 2017 as a collection of sneakers (that’s why it takes the name PACE). Besides the original and independent creations, PACE is also known for collaborating with renowned brands such as Budweiser, Your ID, Asics, and High (another Brazilian streetwear brand).

Currently, they produce not only clothing pieces, such as sweatshirts, pants, and t-shirts, but also accessories like bags and glasses. Always, of course, filled with elements of personality and creative graphic prints.


From clothing pieces to household items, Degosto is a project by the young designer from Curitiba, Lucas Garcia. The brand gathers fun elements of Brazilian lifestyle with streetwear aesthetics, resulting in unique pieces.

Besides the brand’s famous visual identity, Desgosto is also known on social media for producing unboxing videos of its own products. In these creations, the items come inside a sort of cereal box, accompanied by stickers with the brand logo and a keychain.


Unboxing de um suéter da DESGOSTO

♬ Elevator Jam – LSPLASH

“I always liked to think about the client’s experience.”

Says Lucas Garcia, the brand’s designer


Mad Enlatados is a brand originating from São Paulo and stands out for the creative and provocative prints of its collections.

The brand combines elements of urban scenes into high-quality pieces with original silhouettes. Always representing a rebellious image, Mad’s prints stray from the conventional and challenge the consumer to explore out of the usual perspective.

Currently, Mad Enlatados offers exclusive clothing and accessories that often sell out after a few minutes after the drop, which exemplifies the brand’s greatness.


Mixing a video production company and a clothing brand, Bolovo was launched in 2006 and is led by Deco Neves and Lucas Stegmann, former hosts of the MTV Sports series.

The duo follows the motto “Go Out. Make Some Memories” in all of the productions, both audiovisual and in the creation of their collections. The idea is to explore and step out of the comfort zone, which is transmitted through the pieces, produced with a sporty and relaxed vibe.

“To simplify, we can say that today Bolovo is a laboratory that puts the ideas and experiments of the creative duo into practice, two pyromaniacs who found a beautiful excuse to do what they love.

The duo say in their website.

Bolovo is known for its funny visual identity and has its products and language developed primarily for the young audience.


Already established in the industry, Class is famous for blending elements of the Brazilian culture with materials and designs that stand out for their sophistication and high quality.

Inspired by the experiences of the brand’s creators in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Class is based on the hectic lifestyle of the streets. The brand uses classic streetwear references to create trousers, caps, shirts, and other pieces full of elegance, without the comic effect of other brands in the same line.

“One of our biggest goals is not to be a generic foreign product, but to show that we are just as good” 

Says Eric Cesar, one of the brand’s creators for GQ Magazine.

With an Instagram account of over 140 thousand followers, Class has an enviable reach and has a great influence in the Brazilian scene, even participating in one of the largest Brazilian streetwear events – Je M’appelle Brasil.

The showroom took place during Paris Fashion Week in 2023 and featured 5 other brands besides Class: Mad Enlatados, PACE, Sufgang, Carnan, and Quadro Creations. In addition to the brands, the event also featured performances by Brazilian rap artists and was a true lesson in peripheral culture in a major European center.


The article above was edited by Giulia Giampietro.

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