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Popularized around the 90s, Comedy Situations are series with short episodes that show a group of common people in comic situations of everyday life. Whether to rescue some memory of the spectator or even to gather the whole family to watch, the sitcoms emerge as a great milestone for the cinematographic world that reverberates until nowadays.

The genre has a large audience due to the strong connection created between actors and the public, since by addressing frequent themes such as relationships, family, routine and work, it ends up creating a strong feeling of identification with the characters, humor and the story itself. 

With that in mind, Her Campus created a list with the five best sitcoms of all time! Throughout this article, besides being able to learn more about each of them, you will feel a sense of nostalgia and understand the great impact they have on people’s lives.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Considered one of the greatest classics of the 90s when it comes to sitcoms, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tells the story of Will Smith who goes to live with the Banks family, in a much more refined neighborhood compared to what he used to live in Philadelphia.

This show, without a doubt, broke several patterns for its time and knew how to express serious themes in a responsible and reflective way, becoming a true reference until today. With a good dose of humor and criticism, The Fresh Prince is perfect to watch with the family and have fun with Will’s grace, get excited with Carl’s dances, laugh at Geoffrey’s sarcasm, get inspired by uncle Phill’s advices and feel your heart warm and nostalgic for one of the funniest families in the comedy history.

How I met your mother

The year is 2030 and Ted Mosby tells his children the incredible – and very detailed – story of how he met their mother. With a temporal regression resulting from nine seasons, How I met your mother shows each everyday gesture in a unique, comic and emotional way like never shown before. Although the main objective is to tell about how Ted met the mother of his children, the heart of this sitcom is his relationship with his group of friends and the memorable meetings held at ‘Maclaren’s Pub’.

This show teaches us that nothing good ever happens after 2 A.M., that whatever you do in this life it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it, that although “the talk” is one of the worst things ever it is important and we learned, most of all: how to love is the best thing we do.

Everybody hates Chris

Much more popular in Brazil than in its own country of origin, Everyone hates Chris tells the story of comedian Chris Rock about his adolescence and what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn marked by racism, violence and countless prejudices of the 80s.

It’s a funny and engaging series that has marked and still marks the lives of many families even years after its ending after all, who could ever forget the “little dude from across the street?” This series is similar to The Prince of Bel-Air in the sense that it also presents important social criticisms that make us really think about it.

Everyone hates Chris shows many social problems always in a comic way, focusing on racial issues with an impressive timelessness. This is the kind of show that doesn’t matter if it’s old or you’ve watched it several times, you’ll laugh at some point and at the same time you’ll realize how much of these prejudices persist to this day.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Recently confirmed the eighth and final season of the series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes place in a New York police station that is undergoing notable transformations with the arrival of new captain Raymond Holt who is willing to transform it into the best in Brooklyn.

Each episode involves a different police case, being filled with engaging and funny dialogues between the characters. With the presence of well-developed and unique detectives, this sitcom works with current themes in a critical and iconic way, such as racism, LGBTQIA+ causes, female empowerment, adoption, discrimination, harassment, always in a way that respects each one of them. It has the necessary sensitivity to make the viewer laugh non-stop and be emotional in the same measure.


To end with a golden key and remembering the reunion of this series that took place almost a decade after its end, Friends is marked in the hearts of countless people around the world. It becomes impossible not to laugh at the classic puns and jokes present in this sitcom just like “How you doin?” or “Oh… My… God!” While it’s also hard not to be moved by this beautiful gift that was the Friends Reunion premiered at the end of May.

Most of this story takes place in Monica’s apartment, although it takes up a lot of space at Central Perk as well, it narrates the daily life of this inseparable group of friends and their love, family and sometimes employment relationships. Full of twists, romance, humor and a perfectly selected cast, this sitcom teaches us the true value of friendship even if it means putting a turkey on your head as an apology or eating a dessert of pave and meatloaf to make your friend feel better.

While not all have been approached, there are other amazing sitcoms that are totally worth watching. In this article, we focused on bringing a top five, although other shows also deserved a place here. But regardless of anything, something that every sitcom has in common is familiarity with the characters, especially the ones you like the most or think is funny.

It is this proximity to reality that was and still is responsible for delighting so many people today. Although it still shows the consolidation and the consequent solution of some problem, this genre is a nice way to de-stress from our own daily problems and laugh along with the characters on the big screen, forgetting for a few minutes our daily worries.

So how about taking this vacation to marathon and end that longing for your favorite sitcoms? How about still choosing one from this list? To relax, there is nothing better than having a good laugh with the family, under the blanket, with the best sitcoms of all time!


The article above was edited by Marina Ponchio.

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