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5 Best Restaurants to Eat in Vila Olimpia

Near Itaim Bibi, Faria Lima and Berrini, Vila Olimpia is one of the new neighborhoods filled with offices. It is quite easy to find one friendly face while walking to lunch, as there are some many people in the neighborhood. Although it is a great place to work on, Vila Olimpia is also quite expensive to eat out, so having more than one option is very handy. 


Either in Avenida Dr Cardoso de Melo or inside Vila Olimpia’s shopping mall, Pandareu is a tasty and healthy option for lunch. It has a great variety in its menu, from panini to vegetarian lasagna and coconut water.

Le Pain Quotidien

Everything is great, basically. However, I would recommend to get there before 12h30, otherwise, you may have to wait in line or you will have to wait a long time before the food arrives.


Easy and simple, Piadina is a good option if you want to order in the office or just eat very fast.

Jelly Bread

Their salad is fresh and the nhoque is very tasty. It is also quite fast and not very crowded


The restaurant entitles itself as the best burger in the burger. It may not be the best, but it is definitely among the top 100. Try the Palmito as an entrance and the fries. 

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