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4 Tips to Keep Your Routine During Quarantine

Change of plans: who would of thought that our plans for 2020 would completely change, mainly our daily routine. Since then, many things need to be reorganized, but it seems that the more we plan, the more lost we stay. Of course, there is a solution for that. I’m sure that with these four tips you will be able to continue with your daily routine, at home! Check it out!

Make a list

Making a list is one of the classic tips for when we need to organize. But how can we do this in a dynamic way without complications?

First, take a sheet of notebook or whatever else you have at home to write. If you have a panel or a whiteboard in your home, you can also use it. Then, make a calendar of the week with the days of the week and the dates.

Divide each column into three parts to place your morning, afternoon and evening chores. After, write down all the things you usually do at those times of the day (if you want to, you can also include the time of each activity).

To make it easier and turn your list in something more beautiful, choose a few colors and paint the chores you usually do every day in the same color.

When you fulfill each one of them, do a risk or any other mark to avoid getting lost. I’m sure that when you see your tasks for the day marked as done, you will be able to keep your routine active!

Use the alarm clock

If you are a person who always set the time to do everything in your day, set your alarm clock or cell phone for each activity you need to do according to the time of each one.

This will make you always remember your daily obligations. But, of course, choose a nice ring tone and give a brief description of what you have to do at that time to don’t turn this into a boring and disturbing thing.

Take off your pajamas!

Work and study with pajamas doesn’t work!

This certainly discourages us to do our day’s duties! I know it is really difficult to do this when you are at home, but changing clothes and putting on something that you like and that is comfortable, will help you keep your routine active.

Choose a place to work and study

Choosing a place to work and study is very important. This will give you a specific corner to do your duties.

Remember that if you can choose different environments, one to work and one to study, it will ensure that there is no monotony in your routine and stay in one room of the house all day.

Bonus tip!

To make your daily routine even cooler, you can enjoy that time that you spend to move from  a place to another to do activities that you have not done in a long time or do new things, like watching a movie, series , soap opera or TV show, practice physical activity, take care of beauty and catch up on sleep!

Enjoy this quarantine time to do everything you could not do because you didn’t have time! Take your daily duties seriously, but add a little fun too, so you’ll be able to enjoy your time at home without losing the habit!


The article above was edited by Clara Suaiden. 

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