4 Reasons For You To Watch “The Resident” During The Vacations

The Resident is a medical TV show that, premiered in January, is catching everyone’s attention to its two seasons. Besides the cliche of all medical dramas (and yes, we do love them), there are more interesting issues for you to mind. Got curious? Because we have four pretty good reasons that will make you run to the first episode asap!

1. It’s medical drama, babe, don’t you dare saying you don’t like it

After decades of Grey’s Anatomy, House, ER and Chicago Med, there are legions of medical TV shows lovers around the world. If you’re one of them, what are you waiting for? The hospital scenario and the medical coats are waiting for you, along with the dramatic and emotional plots, complicated conditions and some behind the scenes involving doctors and nurses at this Atlanta medical center.

2. Gilmore Girls fans, watch out: Matt Czuchry is younger and hotter than ever

Anyone who used to be Team Logan around here? Cause the actor Matt Czuchry, who melted thousands of hearts while working as Rory’s boyfriend in Gilmore Girls, is back on TV. Now he plays the main character of The Resident: the doctor Conrad Hawkings. He’s even more handsome than before and is such an interesting and charismatic person as Conrad, a resident at the Chastain Hospital.

3. Revenge fans: Emily (or Amanda) is back

If you were not really interested on our description of Matt Czuchry, maybe you’ll be a little bit more excited when we mention that Emily VanCamp, worldwide known as the Revenge main character, is now Nic Nevin, one of the best nurses of Chastain Hospital. Just like Conrad – her boyfriend –, she is a pretty well built character and an amazing professional. If you never considered being a nurse before, her passion to the job might make you think twice.

4. Beyond diseases and hospital romance, the ugly truth behind a fancy ER

The main difference between The Resident and the other mainstream medical TV shows is the critical tone. The Chastain Hospital is a metonymy to USA’s medical system – which can relate to the brazilian one as well – and all the problems we can find on it. The Resident reminds us the medical field is a very lucrative market, and behind the touching speeches about saving lives, there are people willing to do whatever they can to make money, even if it means not giving someone the appropriate treatment cause she does not have insurance and also won’t be able to pay for the services.

Believe us: you will never walk into a hospital with the same eyes again.

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