4 Movies To Watch If You Are Single And Proud Of It

Only movies that prove you don’t need any company to be happy. Just your own, and your friends!


  1. 1. TAU (2018)

    Julia (Maika Monroe) is a young woman who is kidnapped by a crazy scientist. He takes her to his house and installs a chip on her. The house is equipped with an artificial intelligence named Tau, and Julia, who is locked in the house, tries to escape and get back to her life, but the computer is programed to kill her if she tries anything.

    When the scientist leaves the house to work, Julia starts a conversation with Tau, and she tells him stories about the world outside that house, she teaches him jokes and even plans to escape with Tau’s help.

    This movie shows the beginning of a friendship between a human and a computer. It’s beautiful how the computer shows some feelings and how Julia tries to explain everything to Tau, in a simple way.

  2. 2. How To Get Over A Breakup (2018)

    Maria Fe (Gisela Ponce de León) is a girl that has her heart broken, again. This Peruvian movie shows how Maria Fe passes through the break up with her friends' help and how she realizes that she doesn’t need a guy to be happy.

    This movie has so many funny scenes and you kind understand Maria Fe situation, sometimes you just want to hug her and sometimes you want to scream to her.

  3. 3. How To Be Single (2016)

    Alice (Dakota Johnson) is a girl who just got single, and her friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) tries to make her enjoy the best in a single life, definitely teaching her how to be single.

    This comedy just shows that you really don’t need someone, just your best friend and some adventures to enjoy life.

  4. 4. Bad Moms (2016)

    Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is a mom that takes care of everything in her house. She helps her kids and works hard every day, while her husband doesn’t do his job. So, one day, she decides that she is going to give up.

    Amy, Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn), her two friends, just stop doing their mom work and then they do crazy stuff without caring at all.

    You’re not going to stop laughing in this movie. The situations the three of them get involved are funny. The way that they show their self-care is awesome. This movie shows the girl power that should be in every woman.