4 Cities You Should Visit in South America

If you are planning a trip for the next days, weeks or months, what about exploring some beautiful cities in South America? There are lots of wonderful places for you to visit – and it doesn’t matter if you want a historical, cultural or recreational tourism. You can find all these options here! Check it out:

1. São Paulo

Image Source: Viagem e Turismo

“Something happens inside my heart,

Only when it crosses Ipiranga and São João Avenue’’

This is a section of Caetano Veloso’s song entitled “Sampa”, that talks about this awesome brazilian city. São Paulo is a perfect place for people who love breathing the urban air. It’s a very busy city, full of buildings, big avenues and cars. If you are looking for a cultural hang out, you can visit one of the various museums in São Paulo. A good option is the São Paulo Art Museum (MASP), one of the most important cultural institutions in Brazil. This museum is located at the Paulista Avenue, a place where you can find (almost) anything you want: it’s kind of a brazilian version of Fifith Avenue, in New York.

2. Mendoza

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wine lovers: make your suitcases and go to Mendoza! This argentinian city has 1.200 wineries – homemade or owned by multinationals - and is situated on Andes Mountain Range, the highest one in South America.  The region is considered the most important wine grower center in the continent– producing 10 million hectoliters per year. Besides wines, Cerro Acongágua, the biggest mountain of the planet outside Asia is another symbol of Mendoza: it is located at 6.962 meters high. Even if you don’t have plans to hike the peak, you can appreciate the visit from the Provincial Acongagua Park.

3. Santa Marta

Image Source: Parques Nacionais Cuturales de Colombia

The last place the revolutionary Simón Bolívar lived and the city where the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born: this is Santa Marta, one of the most ancient cities in South America. If you like funny and adventure programs like diving and swimming with dolphins, it is for you! A good tour – mainly for people who like animals – is observing the birds that live on the mountains. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the biggest mountain in front of the sea in South America and is home for twenty eight native species of birds, such as Santa Marta Sabreving and Blue-Bearded Helmetcres.

4. Santiago

Image Source: Esse Mundo é Nosso

The Atacama Desert is just one of the wonders of Chile. The capital of this south american country capital, Santiago, reserves pretty views like that, a rich gastronomy and a meaningful cultural life. It’s a program that has the potential to please everybody. You can go to the historical center and watch the change of guard, that happens on alternate days. Then you may enjoy some of the museums located there – like the National Historical Museum or the Museum of Pre-Colombian Art. Don’t forget to visit one of Pablo Nerruda’s houses: the most famous chilean poet left three museum houses with beautiful objects and full of poetry. 

Now that you have some tips, you don’t have what to wait for anymore!