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#4 Bookstagrams That Will Help You To Keep Reading

Reading is one of the most important things that we need to do in our life. Besides learning new words, it is actually very good to travel without getting out of the room. It’s an unique experience. 

But not all of us have this pleasure of reading, so some people decide to use an Instagram account to create content about books, reviews and tips to keep reading. We call them Bookstagrams and here is some that you should follow:

Pedro Pacífico (@book.ster)

Pedro is a lawyer who is crazy about books. His bookstagram is always trying to encourage you to read. There’s always a book review and draw. He is really good on what he does in his bookstagram account. 

João Malafaia (@estanterismos)

João is a journalism student and his bookstagram is a recent account, created in may of this year, during quarantine time. I love how João writes his reviews. I have already saved lots of books posts that I want to read. He also does a list of the books he is reading during this year, and it’s big! The feed colors and organization is so cute!

Isabel Mello (@ler.e.doar)

Isabel is also a journalism student, and her bookstagram is recent too. But it has a different concept than the others, she reads a book, posts the book review with a price, so she sells the book and all the money she donates to needy institutions. 

Bianca Jung (@bibilendo)

Bianca is a writer and a journalist that has a bookstagram where she posts reviews, the read ones, and also tips. The feed organization is so wonderful, she also pays attention to the details, and all her reviews makes me want to read all the books!

Hope you can keep (or start) reading more with the help of these bookstagrams. Also, if you prefer something more visual and with more details, there are these two youtube channels that I recommend: Pam Gonçalves and Bel Rodrigues.

The most important thing is to read! No matter how much time you spend or how much books. Just check these profiles above, select some books and start your travel (without getting out of the bedroom).


The article above was edited by Beatriz Cristina.

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