4 Amazing Documentaries You Need to Watch Right Now on Netflix


1-   Hot Girls Wanted

This one shows cruelly the life of adolescents who are into the North American porn industry. Instead of what you may be thinking, this documentary isn’t about how hot their bodies are (even if it name leads us to this kind of thought) but it explores the harsh realities of what this girls are expected to do on their zone. To bring this view, it follows some diferent women that are envolved in this industry. It’s such an strong documentary, so, if you want to break stereotipes and learn more about this matter, you need to watch it now!


2 – The Hunting Ground

It is about the numerous cases of rape in the American college campus. Throughout the documentary, with victim’s testimonials, it’s possible to have an idea of how they must have felt and how sad and dread this situation is. The documentary also explores the problems with the administrations of these institutions, that seems to care more about covering up the facts than solving them. At the same time, the documentary brings a hopeful approach in which fight is the main object of all of us.


3 – Amy

Nominated the best documentary of 2016 by Oscar, Amy shows, before anything, that love can kill. It’s a sad side of her life but it’s a true one. Her voice made thousands of people fall in love with her but, the love of her life, unfortunately, didn’t love her as much as she did. You will learn by the end of this documentary, that some feelings can not be expressed by nothing but music. You will also enter into her life, know how she grew up, how she became envolved with drugs, how she handled with her family and, most important of all, how music became her soulmate.


4 – Cowspirace

Do you know what the damage caused by pesticides in the world are? If your answer was no, get ready to learn. If it was a yes, well… Get ready to get even sadder. Addressed the environment, Cowspirace follows Kip Andersen (a filmmaker) as he reveals what is the most destructive industry of today. He confronts leaders of the environmental movement, and discovers how difficult it is to discuss livestock on that zone. It's shocking the way the world turns because of agricultural and pesticides. I bet you will think twice before eat any food from now on.