2 in 1: Life and Routine of Girls who Attend 2 Different Colleges

Everybody dreams about get into college. Be out of school brings a feeling of freedom that, when you’re about 18, it can be compared to paradise. However, this is not as simple as it seems. Many students don’t have any idea about what they want to do in the future. On the other hand, there are people whose options are so attractive that they can’t even decide which one they want to take. But who ever said we needed to choose? Should we? Having doubts is normal. Unfortunately, accept to be in doubt is not normal as well in our society. Sometimes, we just need to assume we are not in doubt, we are sure. We are sure we want to get in more than one course, we are sure we want to try, we are giving ourselves a try, taking risks, maybe, fail, but not without saying: I allowed myself. Some girls allowed themselves to this challenge. On this text, you can find not only answers for should I or shouldn’t I do that, but arguments from who experienced this about pros and cons.

Flávia Giraldes, who got into Journalism in Cásper Líbero University and International Relations in UNIFESP, gave up on journalism, because she felt tired and she didn’t feel like she was enjoying any of the universities. She affirms “I do not recommend it. When you are doing two courses, you always have something to read, study, summarize, present… There is no time!”. Camila Bombini, (ex)Journalism student in Cásper and Law student in PUC, agrees with Flávia, although she revealed good points about this experience such as having her mind and her world vision opened, detach from stigmas and live with different people. For this girl, doing 2 courses meant to invert all her routine, to not be involved with any of the extracurricular practices that the universities offered and a physical and emotional tiredness which didn’t compensate. She emphasized “Get into two courses has big impact on your curriculum, but it has the same impact as you do one after another”. “It is exhausting, specially, if you’re a perfectionist person and like to do every works well done.

Inversely, Mariana Agati, who got into Journalism in Cásper and Letters in USP, declared “For me, it was essential to do two courses”. The girl who is about to graduate in Journalism, confirms that will now finish her other course, once she fell in love with both. She just admits that many subjects and distances were negative points. For the Journalism student and now graduated by a technical theatre course, Carla Bridi, applying for them were a huge contribution as she wants to work on television as a reporter and the drama classes helps with oral and corporeal communication abilities. Besides that, for their connection, she could use the same texts and books on the lessons. For her, “It was easier than doing a course and internship, because the workload is smaller”. She recommends to do other courses. On her own words “Furthermore, if you think it is too much for you, you can lock one college and end it latter”.

Carla Bridi recording a take at Cásper and presenting at the Theatre

Tatiana Luz, who is now studying Journalism in Cásper and Educommunication in USP, highlight organization, living with different friends and realities, such as political learnings and ways to see the world as reasons to do two courses if it is what you want, nevertheless she counterposes that it is tiring, you don’t have much time to sleep and it is expensive to maintain. For Giovanna Pegorer, who started Pedagogy in FMU and was forced to do Public Relations in Cásper, “It is grueling and it requires a lot of discipline”. Today, as an assistant teacher in a bilingual school, she sees concepts she learnt in Public Relations in practice “Working with kids and their families, I had to find out how involve and engage them”. Milena Parreira, also another Public Relation student who also has Public Politics in USP, thought about giving up, freaked out, but considers yourself lucky for having her family and friends support during all the time. She expatiated “To worth it, it is necessary some motivation. In my case, the courses were additional and helped me to achieve my goal: make some difference in the society”.

The Journalism and Law student, Leila Giannazi mentioned good and bad things about her experience. For her, is difficult to adapt to this routine, little time to do other stuffs and you must run with everything, however you accumulate more knowledge, have two universities degree, which means more recognition, you can use what you learn in class daily (law to defend yourself for example) and there are more parties. She warned “It is important to take care of your health, but if you have disposal, why not?” and she completed “I will take it as far as I can”. Ana Clara Giovani, who is coursing Journalism in Cásper and Economy in UFABC, confessed that she is calm and do not care about pressure, so she can measure to do everything she needs and “For me it is just a phase, soon I will lock economy and start an internship”. Her best gain was the maturation as a person and she satirized “I learnt that the more you study the less you know”. The most important for Ana is “to do everything well done and with your soul… We have our whole life to study, no need to hurry”.

Leila Giannazi, who played volleyball for both teams: PUC and Cásper

In Teresa Espallargas’ case, the adaption was easy, once she was used to stay a lot of time on school. The girl who study Journalism and Letters confirmed “If you organize your time, you can do it”. According to her, the hardest thing is when the exams week coincide, howsoever is worth it, once she met herself better both professionally and personally. As she studies complementary courses, she could do equivalence of some subjects. Teresa alleges “I recommend to do two courses to everyone who wishes that or is in doubt about what career they want to follow”. Giovanna Fontenelle admitted “I am lucky for loving both courses (Journalism and History) and for having a workload that comports to do all those things”. She surprised myself when revealed “By the time I started to do both colleges, my grades improved. History helps a lot on Journalism giving general knowledge and Journalism helps on History perfecting the writing on academic works”, that’s why she recommends other girls to do it, unless they are staging.

The Journalism and Biology student, Carolina Moraes, who also works nowadays, through this experience, learnt how to select her time and enjoy it better, “also because there is no time to do everything”. For her, doing two courses has a significant impact on the job market, but you must dose pros and cons. As positive stuff, she mentioned: to advance the process, deepen the knowledge about both topics (avoiding specializations after it), improve your professional quality, contact with two college universes that are so different and dominate two areas that she is interested with. “I want to work with Environmental Journalism, so biology is a complement which gives me advantage”. She also remembered to quote playing for two teams. On the other hand, she pointed tiredness, hurry and less time as negative stuff and added “Some internships are apprehensive about hiring us, because they think we won’t support to do all of this”. Therefore, she completed “I recommend to people who like to do many things at the same time, who don’t like to stay at home, who are proactive and can sleep just a little bit”.

Carolina Moraes, number 5 on USP’s team and 27 on Cásper

Larissa Diaz, who study Journalism, Letters and works reinforced time as a bad point and to be able to connect both contents as a good point. Working as a teacher, she paradoxically manifested “I recommend people to do two courses, since they do not work as well”. Bárbara Perrupato went further, doing three courses, Public Relations, Letters and a Logistic Technical Course, and working together. She revealed “I learnt to lose shyness, I needed my friends to help me as there were so many things to do”. Besides what other girls indicated as pros, she summed more responsibility, attention and “breaking free from internal issues”, about cons, she complemented with stress “Many times I had to cherish a course over another and I feel like I didn’t enjoy 100%”. When she was questioned if she would recommend it, she replied “Yes, if the person has patience, disposal and willpower… All of that has to be bigger than the negatives points of course”.